Plan for Success in Network Marketing

success in network marketing90% of all people who join network marketing companies fail. Of the 10% who are left, very few will go on to become rich.

What does it really take to achieve success in network marketing? What is it that the few at the top do differently? Can anyone expect to become a success in network marketing, or does it take a special kind of person?

This is a question that has been asked by many and the debate goes on to this day. Network marketing companies like to encourage everyone to join their networks.

They insist that it doesn’t take a special kind of personality; anyone can become a success. But is that really the truth? If it is how came so many people fail?

Looking at the successes, you will notice one common trait: most, if not all, of them are type A personalities. They are the ones that people gravitate towards in the party.

They are almost always very confident and unashamed of their opinions. They will usually not hesitate to join in the discussion. In most cases, they are knowledgeable and they are not afraid to either start or contribute to discussions.

When they offer advice, people listen and they are willing to take it. So what does all this have to do with success in network marketing?

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It is very simple; the most successful people in this trade are the ones who use attraction marketing, and the tenets of this particular brand of marketing are more or less what you find in type A personalities. Attraction marketing says that for people to buy from you, they have to see more than just your product. The focus of their attention is more on you as a person.

This means, first and foremost, that you know more about your niche than your competitors. It means that you are not ashamed to share what you know and you do it with confidence. It requires that you be able to both start and take part in discussions. In other words, you are a leader and an expert and when you talk people listen.

Another commonality between type A personalities and attraction marketing is that type A personalities are often asked to solve problems. It is no wonder that a great percentage of leaders fall into this category.

They become popular because they have learned how to listen to people’s problems and provide solutions. The same is required in attraction marketing: you have to learn to listen to your prospects problems and then provide them with solutions. This way, you gradually earn enough trust that people are willing to buy what you are selling without questioning either you or your motives.

Why Has Network Marketing Changed So Much?

In the past, getting prospects to listen to you was easy; you could buy an email list, send out an email possibly to hundreds or thousands and then sit back and wait for a response. It worked chiefly because both MLM and the internet were new and novel ideas. Who ever thought that they could become rich just by getting others to join and sell on their down line? And the internet was making it so easy because communication was immediate.

The picture is rather different today; we are bombarded with advertising and marketing messages everywhere. And that has caused us to become very selective about the kind of content we consume. We filter out the adverts and the marketing to the bare minimum.

If you want to achieve success in network marketing today, you have to find a way to get people to come to you, and only attraction marketing will get you there. You have to build a presence around yourself that says “You should listen to me because I know what I’m talking about. When it comes to my niche, I know a lot that my competitors don’t.”

How Do You Become an Attraction Marketer?

It takes time and commitment to make attraction marketing work for you. There are great systems that have been designed to help marketers, and they are too vast to cover here so let’s just take a peek at some of the material that they cover.

1.    You need to arm yourself with knowledge. Your aim is to be the go-to guy in your niche(s), so a lot of research is necessary.

2.    You need to learn how to project confidence online. When people see any content you have posted, they should be able to trust it because you come across as an authority figure.

3.    You learn how to have a bigger online presence. Remember, the more often people see you, the more you stick in their minds. You will learn how to blog more effectively both on your own blog and the blogs of others.

4.    You learn how to conduct meetings to your favor; you are the one in control and no matter what kind of questions are thrown at you, you know how to handle them.

5.    You learn how to sponsor rather than recruit. Many people fail to achieve success in network marketing because they are so busy recruiting that they forget to sponsor. One well-sponsored person in your down line is better than 10 recruits who don’t have the skills necessary to succeed.

6.    You will learn that attraction marketing is largely about market research. You are much more effective if you are talking to an audience that is interested in what you are selling and are just waiting to buy. This way, you only have to beat your competitors, which is not very hard to do because you are already more knowledgeable than they are.

7.    You also learn about keyword optimization, SEO, effective content generation, how to manage leads and convert them into sales and much more.

You don’t have to be a type A personality to be achieve success in network marketing. Learn attraction marketing and join the winners.

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