Social Media Mastery

Rumor has it Michelle Pescosolido went from ZERO to making a six-figure income in six months using nothing but a Facebook.

Is it true? And even more important…Social Media Mastery Michelle Pescosolido

Can YOU follow in her footsteps, execute what she teaches in her course “Social Media Mastery” and produce the same profitable results?

Let’s find out now…

Introducing Social Media Mastery

Michelle teaches her entire social media marketing system in a product called Social Media Mastery that I picked up a two weeks ago.

The product consists of 9 modules which include video training, power-point notes and links to additional resources.

  • Module One: Introduction to Facebook, and Why You Need to Start NOW!
  • Module Two A: Getting started with Facebook & Creating Your Sexy FanPage
  • Module Two B: Creating a SEXY Facebook Fan Page
  • Module Three A: Application Tabs that Convert
  • Module Three B: Overview of Third Party Application – MLSP
  • Module Four: Navigating Your Admin Panel (CRITICAL if you want to make $ on FB)
  • Module Five: Free Marketing Strategies on Facebook that Make You Money!
  • Module Six: EdgeRank & How to Create a Community on FaceBook (powerful)
  • Module Seven: Facebook Social Plugins that Create Social Buzz
  • Module Eight A: Facebook Advertising Guidelines
  • Module Eight B: Facebook Advertising Outside URL’s
  • Module Eight C: Promoting Status Updates Ads (Engagement Ads)
  • Module Eight D: Advertising Your Application Tabs
  • Module Eight E: Optimizing Your Ads
  • Module Nine: Putting it All Together – My Personal Daily Schedule

Now over the years I’ve learned the fastest, easiest, most fool-proof way to produce a result you want is to find someone who is currently producing that result and simply COPY THEM.

In other words, simply learn HOW they are doing what they are doing and do the same EXACT thing.

This puts the odds of success greatly in YOUR FAVOR and… so that is exactly what I did with after investing in the Michelle Pescosolido Social Media Mastery system.

Here are my FIRST WEEK results…

Social Media Mastery

Following Michelle’s Social Media Mastery course to the letter – (if she says do something, I’ve done it) – we created our Fan Page on February 15th and created a couple of application tabs on the 17th using the tools provided by the MLSP system (which rocks, by the way).

First week results?

Absolutely incredible!

We went from having ZERO fans to having 434 fans – which gives us exposure to over 168,000 people total.

And it costs us ZERO to make this happen.

Plus, even better, we have already enjoyed a few leads and sales from our efforts from the people who have visited our application tabs where we present a few products for sale.

It seems almost too good to be true – that it really can be this easy.

Social Media Mastery – The Next Step

So far I have only worked through module 1 through module 7.

If fact, if you take a look on the right hand side of this post you’ll notice a Facebook Social Media Mastery plug in we’ve added which gives you a quick peek at what is going on with our fan page and gives you the opportunity to go LIKE it now.

LIKE my Fan Page and let’s hang out!

Now we’ll be moving in the PAID MEDIA part of the training so we can take our early, free results to the next level.

Michelle Pescosolido – Social Media Mastery

I give it this course a TWO THUMBS UP.

If you are looking to break into the social media marketing space and leverage the incredible power and reach of Facebook – simply pick up a copy of Michelle Pescosolido’s Social Media Mastery  course – follow her simple instructions and you will surprise yourself down the road at what you can and will accomplish.

See also our post about Social Monkee – one of the least expensive yet most powerful ways to syndicate your content and get more buzz and social media exposure.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

PS – Make sure to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE this post. What challenges are you struggling with? What have you learned here today? How can I best help you produce the results you are looking for? How has Social Media Mastery helped you take your business to the next level?

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