Understanding the Elements of Social Media Campaigns

social media campaignsSocial media campaigns are the best resort for instant fame.

However, being quickly catapulted to popularity is not a sign of success.

Several campaigns go viral but only a few maintain a huge number of those users who reacted positively with the campaigns.

Other social media campaigns become controversial.

Worst of all, or maybe as bad as widely criticized campaigns, a lot of campaigns just don’t earn many likes, shares, views, retweets, or any other social media reaction.

So the question is, what makes social media campaigns successful?


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As an online marketer, you need to realize the importance of your audience.

Social media campaigns are all about earning new customers while maintaining the old ones. Their satisfaction should be your utmost concern. Otherwise, you will earn critics. Unsatisfied audience will most likely point out your flaws.

You don’t want negative publicity, right? So how can you make your audience satisfied? Simple. Find out what they need or want. After that, relate your products into their needs.

It doesn’t matter how small your initial audience may be. If you deliver the expected quality of products or services in your social media campaigns, you are more likely to have their loyalty. The few loyal customers will share their experiences with your offers through various social media.

This sharing of experiences is referred to as electronic word-of-mouth or eWOM. Given that social networking sites are not limited to wordy posts, your customers can also advertise your products or services through their photos and videos. These indirect advertisements are called COBRA or the Consumer’s Online Brand Related Activities.

Social Media Campaigns and Information

Just like in your offers, make sure you give your audience the information they needed. This includes delivery details, various features of your offers, and the name of your brand. These information or content should be posted on a blog, page, or on your own website.

Optimize it as well just in case users prefer search engines over social media in hunting products and services. Make sure the content is fun to read; make the reader more curious and excited after each line of the content.

There are lots of quality company blogs or websites out there. They have all the stuff such as optimized, well-structured content. However, not all of these blogs and websites are able to reach their target demographics. Why? Some of them waited for searches instead of reaching out for their intended audience. Keep in mind that the competition between websites is stiff. Don’t make a lot of mistakes.


Most social media users use such platforms to connect with their circle of friends and relatives. Unlike salesperson, there’s already trust between your newly acquired customer and his network of connections.

Due to the nature of social networking sites, these are also widely used during breaks from work or school as well as at home and other places. These aren’t used just for socializing or marketing but for entertainment as well (that explains why numerous apps are available for free).

Aside from your content, you should also provide an entertainment value to your social media post that will serve as the key to your blog or website. An entertaining post should be catchy as well. To make this possible, you need to think outside the box. Originality and creativity are two important elements in social media campaigns.

Originality and Creativity

Most successful social media campaigns offered something unique. The uniqueness caught their audience’s attention. However, trends come and go and these once-original campaigns were imitated lightly, even to an extreme extent. If you run out of original ideas, you can always exhaust your creativity.

While the terms are synonymous, there are just certain attributes that separate the two. Only a few really had original ideas when it comes to social media marketing. Most of the strategies used nowadays are inspired by former trends. This isn’t always a bad thing. You can even do this on your own post. You just have to time your post well. Make sure you don’t post it when a lot of online marketers like you are using it. Make it seem like a flashback.

Feelings – Key to Successful Campaigns

Long-established companies make an appeal to their audiences’ feelings. They exploit the feelings of nostalgia. But for budding social media campaigns, nostalgia does not appeal to users at all. After all, what’s there to miss?

It doesn’t entirely mean you won’t resort to appealing to their feelings. Adding entertainment factor is already a form of consideration for their feelings.

Variety of Media

Using various platforms for your social media campaigns has its boons and banes. You can build a strong customer base regardless of the number of platforms you are using. If you use one, then more likely you have a lot of time in mastering one marketing platform.

By mastering one, you can improve the quality of your posts and content. You don’t have to worry about responding and updating your other accounts from other social media platforms.

On the contrary, though, using various social media platforms allows you to reach out to potential customers who are inactive in some platforms. However, it would take time to update numerous accounts and respond to varying sources of reactions.


Having mentioned respond, another advantage of social media campaigns is that you are able to know the opinions and gather the queries of your audience about your business. You can conduct surveys or post something and they will give their comments. Some give suggestions. There are also users who relay their requests.

On your part, you should provide what they are asking for. If they ask the amount of fees, then give it. Show gratitude to those who responded positively to your campaign. When it comes to negative comments, accept criticisms in which you can improve. If the negative reaction is purely based on grudge towards you, you can simply ignore it. You may ban or block the user depending on the website’s settings.


Social media campaigns are never complete without perks. Sometimes, these are the ones offered as the social media post that will ignite the campaign. It could take the form of discounts and freebies.

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