Social Marketing Tools for Online Business Owners

social marketing toolsSocial media tools seem to be continuously being rolled out.

With all the social marketing tools out there, you might get confused which ones to use to promote and grow your online business.

Here are some dominant tools to help you generate new leads at the very least.


Buffer is a publishing tool that is combined with analytics that other social marketing tools lack.

Buffer is capable of sending updates across social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

The built-in analytics helps in understanding how the target audience behaves.

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For instance, it analyzes why a particular post works well and when to publish updates to maximize the response rate. The firm currently launches Buffer for Business.

Mention – One of the Tops Social Marketing Tools

Mention is the social web’s Google Alerts. Mention is capable of monitoring the web presence of your brand by mentioning the brand name or keyword across social networks. The tool is equipped with social features that help in responding to users who mention your brand name and in sharing industry news.


Zapier is a tool used in linking social services. Zapier connects all your independent social media profiles. It is possible to setup Zapier with automatic notification setting for Twitter and MailChimp and for RSS feeds. Through Zapier, you may also connect apps such as Evernote and Dropbox to various social networks to save you more time and make you more productive.


Bottlenose is one of the social marketing tools that have several features. It has a real-time search feature, for instance, that query available information (or contents) across social networks. The results are displayed based on the order of importance. Sharing the most significant results is possible. Bottlenose can be also integrated with Buffer.


Quintly provides in-depth social analytics. Thus, it helps in tracking how the overall business performs on various social media platforms like YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Quintly is also equipped with specific benchmarking features that allow you to compare your social media performance with that of your competitors. Its dashboard is customizable so only the analytics that are important to your business will be generated.


Feedly is content discovery tool. There are thousands of worth-sharing contents. As one of the important social marketing tools, there are two ways to use Feedly. First is for discovering business-relevant news, how-to articles or blogs and second is for subscribing to RSS feeds of the top news websites and industry-specific blogs.


Addvocate is a tool for decentralizing messengers. Addvocate is for online businesses with socially active employees. A browser plug-in will be installed on their respective computers. Contents sharing recommendations will be sent through this plug-in that the employees may share.

Thus, this tool combines personal social profiles with corporate contents. Addvocate provides analytics of which employees are actually sharing the contents and how many clicks each shared content are generated.


Swayy is one of the few social marketing tools that allow users to determine which contents to be shared. With Swayy, you need not look for contents since these will be dropped into your dashboard automatically.

Below each content is the share button that links to different social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. You can share the contents automatically on different platforms. Also, you may schedule a specific time to share them.


eGrabber is a paid tool that you can use in researching prospects specifically the company name where the prospect works and his or her contact details that are not limited to phone numbers and email addresses. It qualifies leads at the company level, taking note of the key people. Their details that include the name, title or position and contact details will be then listed.


Tagboard is one of social marketing tools that are able to monitor keywords across all social media platforms. Tagboard collects contents with a relevant keyword and then creates a board with all the contents containing such keyword. Tagboard can be used to monitor brand, curate contents and generate real-time leads. For one, you can reply to particular conversations mentioning your keyword directly from Tagboard.


Socialbakers has Analytics Pro, a tool that can be used in analyzing your brand against your competitors’ in terms of social media performance. Insights regarding channel growth and engagement rates are provided.

Through this, you may determine which Facebook users, for instance, are the most active in engaging with your brand and content. This gives any business opportunity of building relationships and enabling continuing advocacy.


Rignite helps in monitoring your social media presence. Unlike other social marketing tools, however, Rignite allows users to interact with other users through its chat and forum features. The tool can be also used in assigning tasks to each team member, thus it is the perfect tool for virtual teams who manage a particular account.


SocialOomph is a Twitter-oriented tool. Through SocialOomph, loading and scheduling tweets is easy. It can be loaded with about 500 tweets. Other social marketing tools for Twitter are Twitter Counter and Followerwonk.

Twitter Counter tracks the progress of your Twitter accounts while Followerwonk analyzes Twitter followers based on demographics. The former tracks counter changes and also predicts followership growth. The latter helps in understanding your Twitter followers in-depth. Thus, if you are primarily using Twitter for your online business, you may combine SocialOomph, Twitter Counter and Followerwonk social marketing tools.


Komfo, on the other hand, is for businesses that concentrate on using Facebook in growing the business. Komfo not only analyzes your fans and likers. It also provides analytics for specific areas like fan penetration, viral reach and spam score.

The best part is sending emails and giving others access to the Facebook-generated reports without obtaining authorization from Facebook. Thereby, this is another appropriate tool for geographically-dispersed teams.

Evidently, there are hundreds of social marketing tools that you may use. Some work for most social media platforms while some focuses on specific platforms. Nonetheless, the bottom line is using these tools can definitely improve your online business operation. Be reminded, however, that some of the social marketing tools are paid although most paid tools provide free trials that are worth checking.

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