The Power of Well-Planned Social Marketing Campaigns

social marketing campaignsSocial marketing campaigns continue to be in demand in the online advertising and marketing industry.

This is regardless of claims that these campaigns are mostly ineffective.

While it is true that some social marketing campaigns fail miserably, this is not usually because the techniques themselves are ineffective.

Usually, campaigns fail because they are not planned properly and the techniques and strategies used were not chosen to match the circumstances behind the business, its products and services, and its target market.

Social marketing campaigns should be designed with the business goals in mind.

They should also address the needs and wants of the target market.

SEO and Social Marketing Campaigns

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SEO, or simply Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of marketing a website online by making them visible in search engine results pages. Its main objective is to increase visibility which helps acquire traffic and in turn increase your business’ profit.

You see, when a user searches for information, he usually checks out the first website suggested by Google (or any search engine). There are only a few cases where the second page of search results is checked. Most of the time users would go for the first to the fifth website suggested.

Other than checking out these suggested pages, users easily remember the name of the website or brand they always see; more often than not, these are the websites that rank high and are on the first pages of search results.

This technique can also be used in social marketing campaigns. There are keywords that are most often searched by people in Facebook or in other social networks. Find out what these are and optimize your site as well as your social network pages for these keywords.

By doing this, you are increasing your chances of being seen by the people who will most likely buy from you. You will be able to get more leads from the social networks and consequently increase your sales or grow your network.

Basics of Optimization

Keywords have always been a vital part of search engine optimization, no matter how many changes the search engines implement in their algorithm. These updates are made to ensure that the websites they rank offers valuable information to the user.

Even with these changes, determining the right keywords and practicing white hat SEO, can bring your website to a secure ranking in the searches whether in the social networks or in the search engines. Optimizing for lead generation works in a similar manner, but takes different search parameters in consideration.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are terms or phases typed in search boxes whenever we are researching for information in the Internet or in the social networks. In optimizing for social marketing campaigns, therefore, the keywords typed by social network users should be kept in mind when determining the keywords to optimize social media content for.

Content plays a vital role in the optimization process since this is what the consumers are exposed to and what the search filters comb through. It is important to keep the content clean and easy to read. In the realm of social networks, content includes posts, messages, images, and shout outs among others.

Content should carry just the right amount of keywords to be considered valid by the search engines both in and out of the social networks. Online marketers using SEO in their social marketing campaigns should guard against keyword stuffing or overstuffing their posts with specific keywords.

Overstuffing actually makes the content less valuable as it sacrifices the information that could have helped the reader. It becomes stuffed with keywords, which makes the flow of ideas “unnatural.” It’s as if you’ve written content for the sake of stuffing the keywords instead of providing value to the readers.

While keywords can help your website become more visible in search results, you also need to focus on providing value in all that you post and share to your social network audience. The content must also focus on topics relevant to the keywords you are using in your social marketing campaigns.

More Than Just SEO for Social Marketing Campaigns

It’s not enough to optimize your social network posts and images. You also have to make sure that your target market really wants to see these posts and images. You want to attract rather than repel potential customers.

You want to bring in quality leads that you can sell to or include in your growing network of online marketers. When your target market clicks on your link in the search results, they should be taken to a page where they can get the information that they are looking for. As such, you need to make sure that your social media page has information that will be valuable to your target market.

Pay attention to the actual messages more than the keywords. You want your message to be clear and powerful enough to draw in your target market.

When they get to your social media page, you have to be able to keep them there so that you can talk more about what you are offering. This will give you a chance to convince them to actually purchase your products and services or join your network to help you grow your business.

Recruiting Others to Help You with Your Social Marketing Campaigns

The online world is vast and you cannot possible tap every customer on your own. You need other people to help you spread the word in and out of the social networks. Generating valuable leads of people to work with you in your network is possible in the social networks. The people who join you in your network can help you promote your business in the social networks.

You can also hire experts to help you with your social marketing campaigns. If you are under a tight budget, you can go for free tools and learning opportunities online. There are effective tips and tricks used by experts that can prove to be useful for you as well.

There are also tools like the MLM lead generation system that you can use without much difficulty. Attending free seminars and trainings like the 5-day MLM Lead Generation Bootcamp designed by Rob Fore can also equip you with the necessary skills that you can apply in your social marketing campaigns.

The effectiveness and success of your social marketing campaigns depend on how much effort you spend in trying to understand the needs and preferences of your customers and matching these with your products and services.

More than just satisfying the requirements of the search engines, you need to satisfy the needs of your customers.

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