Seven Secrets of Success

Lisa and I just got back from our network marketing company’s annual convention.

It was an amazing event.

Over 3300 people from around the world flew in to learn the “seven secrets of success”… or ten secrets… or twenty-one secrets… or whatever tips, tricks and inside secrets they could pick up from the leaders in the company producing incredible results.Secrets of Success

Which is a good thing.

Because one of the easiest ways to produce the result you are looking for is to simply find someone who is currently producing that result and simply copy what they are doing.

It’s a technique called MODELING SUCCESS and it works.

Seven Secrets of Success Revealed

The challenge is I might outline seven secrets of success and another mentor might share their four secrets of success or 10 steps to success or whatever.

And I don’t personally think there are any set number of steps to success.

There are principles. Like gravity.

What goes up must come down.

Same thing in life. There are principles and while these principle might be codified into STEPS – at the heart of everything are the principles.

  • What comes around goes around.
  • What you focus on expands.
  • What you believe is what is true for you.
  • Quitters never win and winners never quit.
  • People without vision perish.


So this post really isn’t about discovering the seven secrets of success.

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I really just wanted to share with you the four-step Ultimate Success Formula that has been one of the greatest contributing factors to the success we are creating in our lives.

  • Step One – Determine SPECIFICALLY what you seek to achieve.
  • Step Two – Take action. Because without action nothing happens.
  • Step Three – Assess the results of your actions.
  • Step Four – Change course, if necessary.

We are fast approaching the holidays and a new year will be dawning before we know it.

So in order to hit the New Year running, Lisa and I start ASSESSING where we are now, outline any adjustments we need to make and map out a plan of ACTION for the next year.

I encourage you to do the same.

And once you’ve determined specifically want you want – share it with us.

Make it public. Post a comment and share your dreams and goals. Or email them to me privately along with your phone number and let’s work together to outline a plan of action.

Seven secrets to success?


But let’s start right here, right now – WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE and when?

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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