Top Secrets for Effective SEO Video Marketing

seo video marketingSearch engine results used to list the most relevant content that were mainly in text.

Users who wanted information presented in a different format had to go to YouTube or other video hosting websites to get content in video or just audio, and it was inefficient.

As of late, search engines finally addressed this oversight and started listing the most relevant content in video along with articles and images.

This started a new online marketing method – SEO video marketing.

If you’ve already established your business’ online presence and you’re interested to adopt SEO video marketing in your current online marketing campaign, be warned that it’s not as simple as just making a video and posting it on YouTube with links to your website or blog.

SEO video marketing can help you in converting a visitor from ‘initially interested’ to ‘lead/buyer,’ but you have to do it right.

Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

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•    Examine your Current Content

Analyze your current content and online marketing efforts and ask yourself these questions:

–    Which aspects of my website or blog need improvement?
–    Which of my current content can benefit from a makeover?
–    Can any of my current content be improved when presented in a different format?
–    Which aspects of my website or blog can be promoted by using a video?

•    Plan Your SEO Video Marketing Blueprint

Once you’ve pinpointed the things that you want to improve in your website, plan which posts to enhance or repackage into video format and which parts of your website can be promoted through video.

If you’re on the fence about producing video content yet still want to try SEO video marketing, then rest assured that you don’t need to spend so much money. Your videos don’t have to have all the bells and whistles and special effects that a movie studio or professional video producer is capable of.

Just make sure that your audio and lighting are good. You want viewers to watch your whole video, and nothing can turn viewers off faster than poor audio. It’s also best to have your video as HD because it will rank higher in search engines, but it doesn’t even have to be full HD.

•    Make Good Content

Having your information presented as a video doesn’t automatically make it into a good content. You have to choose topics that can be best presented as a video.

Plan your video and always be mindful of length. If your video is too long, your viewers won’t stick around to finish watching the whole thing. It will also turn off other viewers who are too busy or those who have some problem with their bandwidth or connection. Don’t ramble on and on – get to the point pronto.

•    Find a Host for Your Videos

Since your video is for SEO video marketing, do not host it on YouTube. YouTube will just leech off of your video’s visitor stats, taking your visitors and your numbers for itself. Your efforts are for your own benefit, not YouTube.

It’s not that YouTube is useless – it is the second largest search engine in the world. We’ll get to how to use YouTube to your advantage later.

Host your videos in your own server, or find a separate video hosting service. Examples of video hosting services are BrightCove, VimeoPRO, Vzaar, and WISTIA.

If you’re hosting your videos in your own server, choose an HTML5 player with Flash fallback. This will ensure that your video can be viewed in as many devices as possible, and it will help boost your ranking for SEO video marketing.

If you’re using a separate video hosting service, don’t use the iFrames option.

•    Optimize Your Videos

Use relevant keywords for your video’s title and description. Use a tool like Google AdWords to figure out which related keywords are used most often by your target audience.

For videos that promote products and are linked to your product pages, make sure you use unique and relevant descriptions.

Include links to your website, blog, or specific content in the description.

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of including a transcript of your video. Remember that videos on their own are not indexed by search engines but the accompanying text are.  Search engines index transcripts, and it will help improve your video’s ranking for SEO video marketing.

•    Make Your Videos Shareable and Embeddable

Making your videos available for sharing and embedding will boost interaction with your visitors. People share a video when it is informative and entertaining. People embed a video in their own websites or blogs when their visitors can directly benefit from its contents.

Provide a custom embed code for your videos to make it easier for your visitors to embed your video into their own websites or blogs. Doing this will also ensure that there will be a link to your website where your video is embedded.

•    Use YouTube to Your Advantage

As mentioned, YouTube is the second largest search engine, and it’s also a social networking site. Millions of people everyday spend hours on YouTube, so it’s only wise to include it in your SEO video marketing efforts.

Treat YouTube as a social networking site. Have a YouTube channel and share, like, and comment like the rest of its members. Since you’re not uploading video that you produced for SEO video marketing, look for videos that are related to your own business.

Choose videos that are fun, because that’s what most people think about videos. Base the relevance of a video not on the number of its views, but on the number of comments it has. Comment on these videos and share them in your YouTube channel.

It’s not going to help so much in your website stats, but establishing your business’ presence in YouTube improves your branding.

SEO video marketing is the latest online marketing method, and it certainly adds more value to online content presented in different forms. It will require more time and effort compared to other methods like article marketing, but adopting it to your existing online marketing efforts is highly recommended.

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