Residual Income Formula

Are you serious about finding a proven residual income formula that works?

What would it mean to you and your family if you started each month off with an extra $3,000… $5,000… or $10,000 in your bank account?

  • Would it take the pressure off?
  • Would your future look brighter?
  • Does it sound like creating  passive income is a good idea?

Then let’s make it happen because as you are about to discover may surprise… even shock you.. at how easy it really can be to embrace a residual income formula that works.

What is a Residual Income Formula?

According to Wikipedia:

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

So let’s translate that now into a workable plan you can use to start making a nice passive income.

But before we get started, do me a favor and reread that definition again very closely.

Notice it says, “… with little effort required to maintain it.”

It does not say… “building up a residual income is easy… simply… fast… a get rich quick deal… or even that requires very little effort to set up and establish”.

It says it requires very little effort to maintain the income – and it makes no mention whatsoever about the time, effort, energy or investment required to set up and establish the residual income formula in the first place.

So that is what we are going to talk about and take a look at here.

Proven Residual Income Formula

Since 1996, Lisa and I have build five six-figure (even multiple six-figure) businesses using a step-by-step internet-based residual income model.

It goes something like this:

  • Have a product to sell
  • Determine who is looking to buy that product
  • Research how they are shopping when in the market for the product
  • Write content guiding them to buy from you
  • Promote the content so it can be easily found

14 months ago we joined a new affiliate marketing program that pays a solid 30-45% monthly passive residual income called MLSP.

The product they offer includes both a website people can use to generate business opportunity seeker leads and hundreds of hours of internet marketing, affiliate marketing and network marketing training.

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The most likely person (think target market) to be interested in joining MLSP is anyone attempting to build a network marketing  business.

Knowing this, we use keyword research tools to help us determine exactly how these “frustrated networkers” shop when searching the internet for a solution to help take their business to the next level. This is step three of our residual income model.

Then we write content that offers MLSP as a solution to their challenges, publish that content online (like here on this blog) and promote the content to rank well on the search engines so it can easily be found.

Result? Take a look at this:

Residual Income Formula

Residual Income Formula Results

14 months… and over 300 blog posts later… and we’ve earned a total of $56,824.83. Which is a pretty good result, if you think about it.

But what you don’t see is…

  • It took 2-3 hours per blog post to research the topic, write the article, publish it and promote it.
  • We often worked late into the night just to LEARN how to blog and effectively promote the blog.
  • We spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars in tools and training to make this happen.

But today… even if we were to never do another blog post… because we invested the time, effort and money upfront to set up our “residual income formula” – we average over 1,000 visitors per day to our blog. 30-50 people per day optin to learn more and we’ll make 1-2 new sales PER DAY… which adds another few dollars to our monthly income.

So today we average over $5,000 PER MONTH in passive residual income “…with little effort required to maintain it.”

Residual Income Formula Magic

But wait. There’s more!

Because we “paid the price” and worked our fingers to the bone over the past year… we have been able to generate over 9,000 leads.

In other words, we’ve added over 9,000 people to our email list and have maintained a relationship with these people over time.

45 days ago we joined another affiliate program only this one pays 100% commissions and the best target market is ANYONE who might be interested in learning how to make money online, make money blogging or make money in affiliate marketing.


Me, you and the guy next door.

So to promote the program we SIMPLY SENT A COUPLE EMAILS to our list…

residual income model

Notice how it was much easier and much faster to produce this $11,300 residual income model result than it was to produce the first income stream.

Why? Because we had already paid the price to establish the first model – which helped us create a list – and as you may have heard: “The Big Money is in Your List.”

So here is the bottom line…

If you are serious about getting started on creating your own residual income formula – I would highly recommend you check out this new 100% Commission Program because it rocks.

Plain and simple.

And even more important – it will reduce the time, money and effort it take to produce a magnificent result dramatically.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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