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Ray Higdon

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Who is Ray Higdon?

Imagine being a very successful real estate investor in Florida during the height of the real estate boom.

You live a well-deserved multiple six figure lifestyle, and you’re at the top of your game.

Then the bottom falls out, the bubble bursts and you are left holding millions in debt worth only thousands.

Overnight you go from hero to zero.

You have $300 in your personal bank account and suddenly find yourself relying on family and friends to help pay the bills. You’re belly up in the fishbowl.

Dead in the water.

What would you do? And when would you get started?

Ray Higdon – Zero to Hero

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ray Higdon, who USED to be 6 Star Director and #1 income earner in Numis Network (which is now out of business).

Ray decided he was not a “$300 in his bank account” kind of guy and, as fortune would have it, a friend invited him to attend a business opportunity presentation… and the rest is network marketing success history.

Ray Higdon joined Numis, got serious and immediately started teaching others how to Collect Wealth, Make Money and Have Fun doing it.

Net result? #1 top income earner in less than 7 months… 5 exotic paid vacations… and a 7-Series BMX in his garage. Oh, and did we mention… a multiple six-figure PASSIVE, RESIDUAL income.

Ray Higdon – MLM Success Secret

Ray teaches you can live the life of your dreams IF you are just willing to suspend your disbelief for an extended period of time and have the discipline it takes to work toward your dreams every single day.

work toward your dreams every single day.

Imagine that! Once we make a decision to build a business, we simply need to put “work” back into the work from home equation!

Check it out…

Most people who start a new home-based business spend most of their time getting ready to be ready so when they are ready they’ll be ready to take action now.

Have you ever noticed that? Perhaps you are guilty “getting ready to be ready” as well. Lots of activity. Lots of busy work. But, alas, very little if any money-making activities get done.

Ray Higdon Shares Daily Routine for Success

I was recently had the honor and privilege of hanging out with Ray for three days in sunny Cancun, Mexico at a private MLSP Mastermind Retreat where he taught us EXACTLY what he did to go from zero to hero in less than 7 months… to go from struggling financially to living a lifestyle most people can only dream about… to go from being a brand new sign up to becoming the #1 income earner in record time.

Study. Apply. Make it Happen.

  1. Create one piece of internet content each day – this could be an article, video or a blog post. Write content that provides value to those you are seeking to attract. Offer tips, tricks and proven inside secrets. Present yourself to be the leader people are looking for. Then take that content and syndicate it using a system like Tribepro.
  2. Spend 30 minutes per day on sales and marketing training – because you want to master the art and science of sales, marketing, motivation and persuasion. Notice the word “marketing” in network marketing! Without marketing nothing happens. Nothing. Plain and simple.
  3. Ray Higdon also shared you should spend at least 30 minutes per day on mindset training because if you believe it, you can achieve it. But do you REALLY believe it? Perhaps it is time to work on that, right?
  4. Write, read and internalize affirmations everyday. What we hold in mind expands. What we think about we attract. So THINK ABOUT your dreams, goals and aspirations!
  5. Meditate everyday. Clear that mind, focus on your breathing and let the thoughts come and go. Ray suggests starting with 20 mins per day.
  6. Most Important: Make 20 connections with other human beings each day.

Notice the incredible power of simply having a plan of action. Make a plan and work your plan.

Which is EXACTLY what we teach you to do in our Free 5-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp

  1. Daily content creation
  2. Daily content promotion
  3. Daily lead generation
  4. Daily presentation to leads
  5. Daily follow up to collect a decision

Simple. Easy. And it produces results.

Mr. Ray Higdon, everybody!

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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