Create an Effective Prospect List TODAY

prospect listLead generation or creating a prospect list is key to your network marketing opportunity

It doesn’t matter what type of opportunity you are offering, it can be for health, like vitamins and supplements or it can also be for wellness, like soaps, lotions and beauty products.

What’s important is that you have a constant stream of potential partners to your business that keep on coming in.

The prospect list is your main guide in achieving this and you will not be going anywhere if you don’t have new leads or if you can’t constantly get new prospects.

Although the prospect list will be your guide, it has to also be setup in a way that is efficient in both time and effort for you so it is very important to have an optimized prospect list.

Mindlessly putting in whomever you think of is also another way to do it but it’s more of a brute force method and it can set you back or delay your progress in your business so you will need to take time to think about refining the list further for your benefit.

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What is a Prospect List?

So what exactly is a prospect list? Simply put, it is a list of potential people who could be interested in joining you in your network marketing opportunity. You may ask ‘isn’t that everybody in the world’? The short answer is yes but there should be also be criteria to further refine your list.

For example, people who are more likely to be interested in you opportunity should be put higher up in the list rather than those who aren’t. This makes your prospect list efficient and sets you up to have more success rather than going through random people first.

Rather than just building a list, you need to build a high quality prospect list. One of the goals when you are building your business is to get results for your efforts and fast. Having done the necessary refinements and adjustments on you prospect list will help you get these results faster.

It’s more about working smart than working hard but of course, you should work both ways. Prospect list building can be both fun and interesting, as you have to think about the people you are writing down. You will realize that some people may not be what they seem or that some people who you thought may have the same mindset as you turn out to be the complete opposite of what you thought.

This makes you think of people in a way that is more than just names as you give them the identity that you can associate with and that will help you realize the things that you will need to connect with them and establish rapport. By investing the necessary effort in building your prospect list correctly, you will be more guided and will get more success in your business. It may take time, but in the end it will be so much worth it.

How to Make it Effective

It will be very beneficial that you know everything you need to know about the company you are endorsing so that you can better identify what your company has to offer and align them to the needs of your prospects. Things like the company’s profile, ideal market, who the key decision influencers and decision makers are, as well as any parent company that may have any influence over any purchasing decisions.

All these things need to be taken into consideration when building the prospect list. Some other things that you can also ask are questions that can relate to your specific offering and identify the specific offering that you may have.

Does your company address the specific need of a certain market? Do you have the existing solutions in place for the specific need? What kind of system is in place to address these needs? These questions can also help to identify your prospects and also equips you with the answers to potential questions your prospects may have.

Another thing to remember is that to get all the necessary information, you don’t necessarily need to get in touch with the owners of the company or the key decisions makers. These people will most likely be very hard to get a hold of and these sorts of information are usually already made available to you when you join the company or with a little research or by asking your teammates or your department out.

By further doing these tasks or exercises, you gain valuable knowledge and priceless insights into identifying who your key target prospects are. This helps you prioritize your prospects and you will be able to know how you should be focusing all of your attention over the course of the next 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and so on.

Utilization of Your List

Once you have applied all the necessary points in building your prospect list, you can now summarize and prioritize the people who you need to contact and connect with while putting those who are less likely to be interested in the later portion of your list. You should not remove anyone who you think will not be interested because that is not yet set in stone and it won’t hurt to try. You keep on moving through this list as you go and build the business.

It is also important to keep on adding more and more leads in you prospect list so that you don’t get stuck with no one to contact. Some tips include identifying people who you haven’t spoken to in over a year as well as pushing yourself to continue adding a certain number of prospects to your prospect list every week like 5 or 10 people. There are also other options to help you get leads that can build onto your prospect list.

There are some that specialize specifically in generating leads that can help you out or those that provide the necessary training for lead generation.

Due diligence and perseverance is needed when building your prospect list but by following these steps, you can maximize your potential and maximize your business as well.

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