Important, Insider Components of Online Lead Generation

online lead generationBefore you generate quality leads online, there are specific factors to consider when designing your website or landing page.

These factors should not only generate leads, but also increase the website’s authority and trust rating

There are many good examples of websites and landing pages suitable for online lead generation.

Here are common factors of these websites and landing pages.

Contact Number
Initially, you may think that putting your contact number onto the website may be counter-intuitive more so when you are selling digital products.

A contact number, nonetheless, increases the trust of the visitors, which is a critical factor in online lead generation.

The contact number also lends credibility and comfort among the buyers.

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They actually deem that, with contact details, the company means serious business.

If you can, you may consider your contact number as an important component of your branding. You may not only include it on the website, but also on the domain name if you please.

Online lead generation will not be complete with some kind of forms to fill out. The forms must be easily accessible to increase leads through the site. As much as possible, the forms should ask for less information initially like the email address.

Definitely, you have to build trust first prior to collecting pertinent personally identifiable information from your visitors that can be done later in the sales process.

Probably, the form should appear on all pages of the website. There must be visual cues that will help the visitors in finding and filling out the form. Also, there should be an irresistible offer like a free quote or free shipping.


Testimonials also enhance the credibility of the website and business in general. This is especially true when the testimonials are accompanied by photos or videos since they validate the feedbacks provided. These testimonials are more powerful and impact those who are undecided to give information.

If possible, the testimonials and rich-text media must be emphasized by turnout quotes for a more appealing visual effect. Landing pages can be made more effective with testimonials. For websites, some of the testimonials must be on the homepage.

Videos are also a powerful online lead generation tool. Videos are particularly important for ecommerce websites. Impact, however, is only possible when the videos actually speak to the users. Visitors, who are able to watch product videos, can be converted more easily than those visitors who only viewed adverts. Videos can make the users feel more confident and informed before making a purchase.

Videos should be tested though to determine whether they load almost instantly or not. Visitors do not favor ‘heavy’ videos that slow up their browsing and exploring time.

Trust Seals
Predictably, although statistics are not available, incorporating trust seals on the site increases conversions. Trust seals provide visual safety and security among the buyers. Nonetheless, there are trust seals that also offer a guarantee that can convert up to 7.6% higher than those trust seals that do not offer such.

If you can, find a trust seal that protects the visitors from identity theft and guarantees the lowest price and purchase. Trust seals must be placed on the most visible parts of the web page in bigger, more noticeable icons or logos.

Words – Powerful Tools in Online Lead Generation

There are very powerful action words that can strongly compel the visitors to act. Active tones are often used in online lead generation since the words put the role of the visitors at the center. With this, real benefits are also emphasized and not just mere mentioning them.

You must use power words in the place that are highly visible for maximum impact.

End goals must be apparent as well. Beginning with the end in mind is critical in online lead generation. Make it evident what the visitors will get when they give their email address to you, for instance. This means you have to devise a contest, for example, with irresistible prizes that qualify the person a raffle ticket.

Conversion goals can be adjusted based on your end goals. Regardless of your chosen strategy, the call to action allows visitors to get real value from the offer and from providing you with his or her email address and/or other personal details.

The most effective online lead generation techniques do not deliberately ignore the whitespace. Instead, they maximize the use of such. Whitespaces are also called negative spaces. However, these can be easily converted into “positive spaces” for bigger impact.

If it is not necessary, you need not consume the whitespace. It will not do well to online lead generation specifically to conversion if it distracts the visitors from exploring your website and prohibiting them from providing their personal details. Treat whitespaces as breathing rooms when appropriate.

One of the pitfalls of online lead generation is using cookie-cutter templates. You should strive at investing on the best website design that your budget can afford. Ensure that the website developer understands the purpose of your website and its design requirements.

The site is designed to make it more suitable for generating leads instead of having unnecessary and irrelevant elements to your website.

The web design is the first thing that visitors notice hence one of the important factors in online lead generation. A well-designed website, thereby increases the trust and confidence of the visitors particularly on ecommerce sites.

Don’t forget to test the elements to determine if a specific element works for your website or not. Testing is required before implementing the changes site-wide. This is one way of knowing whether the element will work on the entire website and not just on the specific web page.

There are many testing software programs online that you can use. Most of the programs provide analytics so you may easily determine the areas to improve on. With real-time data and even conversion funnels, you will be able to segment down.

Whatever elements you put on your website or landing page, make sure that it will contribute greatly on your goal to generate leads. Online lead generation is not instant. In fact, it will take months to build your list. Surely, with all the right elements, generating leads will improve over time.

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