Network Marketing Tools to Boost Your Online Business

network marketing toolsThis article is for people who are looking for ways to actually start a simple online business and who believe that such a business will need some form of networking in order for it to succeed.

It is important to understand that you cannot simply set up a website with a few product ads and then leave it to do its own selling.

You need effective network marketing tools to grow your business.

Your online business should not be just a website where you can tell people about something you actually produce or you affiliate for and hope to make sales out of it; rather, it should also strive to generate warm bodies that will compose your growing network of customers and distributors.

Essentially, what you will learn here are tips that will help you expand that network infinitely.

When this happens, you can look forward to a point in your enterprise when you can just sit back and watch your sales grow, because your network of distributors is working like a well-oiled machine.

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There are a number of practical network marketing tools that anyone can use in the network marketing business. It should be explained that there are free-to-use network marketing tools and there are also paid systems. This is important so that you’ll know when and where you need to use your credit card or when to go for the free tools first.

The money factor is something that you have to seriously think about, especially if you are just starting out. You don’t want to waste your money on network marketing tools that will not bring you the results you need to grow your business. If there are network marketing tools that you can get for free, it might be a wise option to work with these first.

The tools that are described here may not be necessary arranged in the order of importance, so you can do some rearranging on the list to make it suit your own needs.

Essential Network Marketing Tools

One of the most critical tools that you’ll need to have is a website. There’s no point in arguing about which would boost your business better – a free website or a website with a paid domain and hosting. You must have your own paid website in order to run an online business.

Your website is your identity and the identity of your product. You cannot present that identity on a free website. Go for the paid site as early in the business as you can. Then make sure your website includes every information that you think people should know about your product and yourself.

When you have your website up and running, you’ll have to think of ways of promoting the site to people. You’ll save them a lot of phone calls because the information about your product is right there. As for website promotion techniques, there are many that abound, online and offline.

The offline methods? Yes, you can always print some flyers or rewrite your name card to include your website URL, and give these away to friends and everyone you meet at the grocery store or at the town hall meeting. This kind of person-to-person contact and giving away of printed brochures are still effective network marketing tools.

As for the online methods, most of the network marketing tools you can use to promote your website have been in existence for a long time. Your email service, your instant messaging tools – Skype, Yahoo Messenger, chat – can all be used to help promote your website. Make sure you retain these IM tools, or if you don’t have them, install them as soon as possible. These are free tools that you can download and install on your laptop, and the registration process doesn’t take that long.

Facebook for Network Marketing

Facebook is a very effective platform for telling everyone about your website and your business. Among the network marketing tools available, this could be the easiest to set up and arguably has the widest following. Make sure your website URL is a permanent fixture in your Facebook profile so everyone sees it whenever they visit your page.

Aside from your social media platforms, it is also essential that you start a blog sooner or later. A blog boosts your identity as an online business further, and your can always include posts about your product anytime. There are free blog platforms available everywhere on the net, but if you can afford it, you might as well go for the paid blog domain and hosting package to maximize your online presence.

As a network marketing tool, blogging has proven to be very effective especially because it offers a more personal look at you as the business person, and is open for site visitor comments and feedback. It is also easier to monitor and doesn’t take too much of your time to update, compared to your actual product website which in most cases would need some technical expertise to run.

Having learned about having a website and hosting a blog, it’s time to focus your attention to SEO, or search engine optimization and keyword research together as related network marketing tools.

Most people who are new to online marketing don’t think SEO and keyword research would be necessary, as long as they have a good- looking website and blog a lot. But later on, they would see how important these are, so they start learning about SEO and keyword research and see how these relate to their blogging experience and website updating tasks.

Another one of the essential network marketing tools that you need to have once you’ve set up your website and blog is having lead-capture devices online, on your site or blog or as separate websites themselves.

Lead-capture pages encourage online visitors to actually sign up for some of your offers or become a member of your site. In the process, they leave their names and email addresses. The result is that you get a growing list of leads that you can always go back to for product presentations or other kinds of follow-up.

And when you have a list that grows day by day, you’ll need to have an auto-responder and list-management system. These network marketing tools will help you communicate with your leads, in fact with any number of leads, using your own ready-made follow up messages, so that they’ll know you are constantly present and looking after their needs.

Most auto-responder systems are paid services, but you’ll be amazed at how effective these are in pulling more leads, of course when properly set up.


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