Finding a Profitable Network Marketing System

Network Marketing System

Looking for a way to demolish the odds, guarantee the success of your network marketing business and put yourself on the fast track to creating wealth once and for all?

Then FOCUS on finding or creating a profitable network marketing system.

With the emphasis on both “marketing” and “system”.

A Network Marketing System VS Tools

It’s tragic, but true…

Most people who join a MLM opportunity quit within their first 90 days. Well, no. You can’t really say “quit” because most people never really get started.

Building a business, that is.

Because their mindset was wrong from the beginning. Chances are they signed up for “emotional reasons” – without honestly thinking about what it really takes to build a real, profitable, long-term business.

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So they sign up and, perhaps, “get busy” doing whatever it is their upline sponsor or leader told them to do.

They set up a home office. Compile a list of family and friends (or not!) and set up their company replicated site. And if they are really bold, perhaps they even contact a few of their family members, friends and co-workers and invite them to go take a look at their new network marketing system because they are absolutely going to get rich this time and “you certainly don’t want to miss out, do you?”

But then their initial contact list runs dry and the reality of building a real mlm business sets in…

  • Leads are the name of the game
  • Show the Plan
  • You need to drive traffic to your web site
  • You need to sift, soft and qualify for interest
  • Learn what to say and how to say it

Whew! So many pieces to the puzzle. Where to start? It’s too confusing. So they go BUY INTO, supposedly, a network marketing system that works – a lead capture web site, a lead capture video site, a list building program, video emails or they might even pick up a few hundred generic, tire-kicker, looky-loo leads. Just to find out they really didn’t buy a SYSTEM… they purchased yet another TOOL – which is absolutely worthless without a viable SYSTEM for using the tool for it’s intended purpose.

For example, the intended purpose of a generic lead generation site is to collect the contact information of people who might have an interest in learning more about starting their own home business. If you can drive a number of POTENTIAL PROSPECTS to the site, this tool will function as designed. But you have to a traffic generation system in place first before the tool is able to provide any value.

Moral of the story? Don’t confuse tools with systems. In fact, most tools require a system in place to work. An most systems require a few tools in place to work.

Building a Network Marketing System

First things first. Begin with the end in mind.

What, specifically, do you want your system to do and/or produce? What is the specific result or objective you have in mind?

Because building a “lead generation system” may be a much different undertaking than building out a team “opportunity presentation”.

All effective processes (systems) have a specific purpose for which they are intended. So uou MUST know, specifically and precisely what it is you want your new system to accomplish.

Once you have a clearly defined objective in mind, then the easiest way to build out an effective network marketing system is to simply go find a half dozen other people who have already done and are currently producing the result you are looking for. Find out exactly what they are doing and how. Then simply COPY their proven model. Start with what is already working and make adjustments along the way to better match the result you are looking for.

Tony Robbin popularized the idea of modeling success in the best-seller Unlimited Power:

To me, modeling is the pathway to excellence. It means that if I see anyone in this world producing a result I desire, I can produce the same results if I’m will to pay the price of time and effort. If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded.

Michael Gerber, in the E-Myth, proclaimed the secret to business could be wrapped up in the credo:

Don’t work IN your business, work ON it!

Which is just another way of saying, FOCUS on building out a proven process… a proven system… a network marketing system designed to consistently produce the results you are looking for.

Proven Network Marketing System Example

A few months ago I signed up for new “lead generation” self-branding tool.

The intended purpose of this tool is to help you build you network marketing business by giving you an online, internet-based platform (website) you can use to collect the contact information of those who might be interested in starting their own business… or… are looking for help in building their current mlm business.

But it was just a TOOL – not a solution.

If fact, without a strong system in place to drive traffic to this new site – the tool, quite frankly, is absolutely 1o0% worthless.

So the first thing I did was to define, specifically, what I wanted this new tool to do – generate AT LEAST 100 free mlm leads per day.

Next, I put on my detective hat and dug deep in to the sales, marketing, and promotional processes of those people who were already effectively using this same tool to produce the result I was looking for. In other words, I tracked down a half dozen people who were already using this same tool to produce at least 100 leads per day… and I found out EXACTLY what they were doing – the actions they were taking – to produce that result.

Then I laid out a plan of action – based on THEIR PROVEN MODEL – to simply do the same thing.

Result? We now have a “network marketing system” that is spitting out leads like an out-of-control leaf blower.

Want to know the system? Willing to pay the price in both time and effort to duplicate it? Here you go…

Proven Network Marketing System that Produces Results

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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