Network Marketing Lead Generation for the Newbie

network marketing lead generationLead generation is an element of Internet-based business processes that ensures a steady flow of prospective customers ready for the marketer to tap into.

Basically, the most common form of leads is a list of names and email addresses, possibly including home or office addresses, gathered from various sources that can be free-to-use or paid.

From this list, the marketer can choose a specific number to communicate with and forward new offers to.

The end in view, of course, is to get them to buy the product.

For newbies, there are basic skills and principles in network marketing lead generation that should be learned for the business to have a meaningful start.

Learning these skills early on can spell the difference between success and failure for the whole enterprise.

Why is Network Marketing Lead Generation Important?

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The answer can be deduced from the fact that the buying process has changed a lot since the year the Internet was born. And it has developed progressively over the years, acquiring new qualities and new tools that may change from day to day.

It has become so dynamic that the marketer has to remain updated with the latest tools in order to keep up with the buyer demand. Once he or she misses a few tips, other marketers who are faster could overtake and snag buyers who were once his or her prospects.
It is not only the buying process that has changed and is continuously changing. The process of network marketing lead generation has also evolved. When information was scarce as in the old days, buyers would seek out sellers and inquire from them about the product they’re looking for.

This most often leads to a sale in the end. But now, with information in abundance, buyers could do their own research about a product and may not need to speak with a seller at all before he buys.

In short, the marketer has to find new ways constantly, so that he becomes visible to buyers and gets heard in the noise of the online market place.

There is so much information available and new ones coming out daily that most of the traditional information, and most of the traditional means of sharing this information, are getting lost in the midst of all the overload. Any marketer’s network marketing lead generation techniques must not only be unique in order to attract attention, but also relevant to the customer’s needs in order to keep that attention.

The other thing that is unique about the buying process now is that many buyers have already gone through 90% of the process before even reaching the seller or vendor.

Most times, these buyers have gone to every website available and learned about the product, before they seek out the seller and communicate with them for a possible buy. Sometimes, they have become experts in the product even before they are able to speak with a vendor.

This is what has changed about network marketing lead generation. And this will tell you that more focus is now being given to creating a stronger presence online – a digital presence – that is accessible through several platforms.

Before, digital information was limited to the desktop PC; now you have to consider that the information should also be present on smartphones, on the tablet, and on other emerging devices that make information very much abundant.

With this knowledge of the dynamics of buying and marketing processes, the marketer needs to know how to apply proven techniques that have worked for several businesses, and continue to work while adapting themselves to changing technologies.

Here are Some Steps in the Network Marketing Lead Generation Process:

One, create lead-capture forms on your site. These forms are for those who visit your site but may not be ready to buy as yet. Yes, printing lead-capture forms and giving them away in public places still work, as long as you leave a box for them to drop those filled forms. Lead capture forms request an email, a phone number, and other details.

Two, engage the people in your network. Those who get into your network are the best leads because they already know something about your brand. Speak to them through social media, send them greetings cards with your free offers. Join online groups that your target market belongs to.

Three, ask for referrals. Referrals are usually people who are in a position to trust you because they come from a trusted contact. Take care of your referrals.


Four, make an effort to buy leads. This is the other part of the network marketing lead generation process where you seriously consider spending some in order to expand your network. Leads that are bought are usually not as responsive as leads you generate yourself, but they could be a good source of business. When you buy leads, it is always best to inquire how the leads were gathered.

Ideally, you’d want leads that have specifically asked about your product or services. You may also need to explain to your leads how their names got to you; that is one question most new leads will certainly ask when they communicate with you.

Remember that it is not just the quantity of leads that matter in a business. More important is the quality of your leads. As you engage in your network marketing lead generation task, always be aware that it would help a lot if your leads are qualified as to capacity to buy or to make the decision to buy.

This may involve serious cross-matching – your product matched to a particular market category – so that there is a greater chance that people you target as leads are converted into paying customers. Some lead sellers will have these qualifications ready along with the list, making it easier for the marketer to choose which service to use.

As you go through your aggressive network marketing lead generation campaign, do not forget that traditional methods still work in several scenarios and are effective for some audiences. So don’t ever let those opportunities for doing live product presentations pass.

Boost your online efforts with offline campaigns, and never leave the house without your name cards that feature every contact detail that an interested customer needs in order to reach you. They work every time.

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