MLSP Marketing System

Want to get the “inside scoop” about the new MLSP Marketing system?


Then before we get too deep into it, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Rob Fore and I am currently the #2 all time producer with the “MLSP marketing system”.

I joined MyLeadSystemPro back in August, 2010 and have since used the system to produce 21,798 leads… earns hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions… and sponsor as many as 37 new reps into my network marketing business in 10 days.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Watch this short video as I log in live and show you EXACTLY how YOU can use this platform to take your business to the next level – even if you really don’t have a business yet.

Did you catch all of that?

Taking your business to the next level is as easy a 1-2-3.

Sign up, get set up, start promoting.

MLSP Marketing System Review

There are four ways to get involved with the new MLSP marketing system (formerly called “My Lead System Pro“):

  • Academy – training only
  • Gold – training, basic tools, 30% affiliate program
  • Platinum – training, advanced tools, 30% affiliate program
  • Mastery – 100% pure profit program (You Get It All)

In my opinion, if you are serious about taking your business and finances to the next level fast, joining at the new Mastery level is the only option that makes sense.

With Mastery you get access to all the training materials ever created by all the top leaders in the industry. You also get a massive video hosting account with a video player that allows you to redirect people after the video or offer an in-video optin form.

You can host articles, videos and even audio files.

You get link tracking, Facebook Fan Page templates and more.

Most impressive, you can now earn 100% pure profits by selling over a dozen of the hottest selling products produced by the top income earners in the industry. And we are talking about products people actually want to buy and use.

When you sign up for the MLSP marketing system you can literally become the “go to” person with all the answers in your niche. The person in the know. The person with all the connections.

You can promote products like these (click the links to see the offers YOU can be promoting in just minutes!)

  • Posting on Purpose for Profit – How to Get INSTANT Traffic, Leads and Sales Overnight Using Free Online Resources
  • How to Make 5k in 30 Days – Four Top Earners Shared EXACTLY What They Would Do to Make $5,000 in 30 Days or Less if They Had to Start Over from Scratch
  • Rank and Stick SEO – Complete, Done-For-You SEO Service to Get Your Website, Blog Posts, Videos and Affiliate Offer to Rank 1st Page on All the Major Search Engines
  • Instant Authority Content – Don’t Have Time to Write Your Own Money-Making Articles and Blog Posts? Don’t Worry About It. We Have You Covered.
  • Social Media Mastery – Michelle Created a Six-Figure Income in Six Months Using Nothing But Facebook Ads. Now It Is Your Turn.
  • Youtube Mojo – Frank and Mark Earns Tens of Thousands of Dollars Every Month Using Free Videos on Youtube. Just Follow the Step-By-Step Instructions to Take Advantage and Cash In.

… and more.

There are a lot more 100% pure profit products you can promote including how to sponsor people, how to create influence, how to set up your own free training offers and bootcamps.

Not to mention the four MLMP marketing system levels that you also get paid on when people join.

MLSP Marketing System – Network Marketing

The REASON I first joined My Lead System Pro back in August of 2010 was to learn how to generate free leads for my MLM business.

I had already built a nice downline of over 5,000 active distributors worldwide by doing home meetings, chasing down strangers and picking up the phone and calling supposedly “fresh leads” and genealogy leads I had bought online.

It worked, but it was a lot of work and I was getting pretty burnt out. Plus, most of my team members did not what to build their business that way and they wanted to learn how to build a profitable business using the internet.

My initial goal was to generate and average of 20 leads per day and we reached that milestone after 90 days. In the first 90 days we pulled in 800 leads, made $4,000 in affiliate commissions and I personally sponsored a dozen new people who all called me.

It was great.

But little did I know just HOW GOOD this new MLSP marketing system would really play out to be in the long run.

MLSP Marketing System – Affiliate Marketing

One of the things I discovered early on is you can make a full-time income working very part-time from the comfort of your home by simply promoting this system.

I mean, heck – we’ve pulled in over $384,000 in commissions so far and are now routinely cashing 10, 12, even $15,000 checks every two weeks!

So even if you have ZERO INTEREST in building a network marketing business and even if you have never made a dime in affiliate marketing… if you sign up, suit up and show up… if you get in, get busy and put the “work” back into the “work from home” equation – this could very well put you on the fast track to creating the income you and your family deserve.

Take the $10 trial because this is the answer you have been searching for.

MLSP Marketing System

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

PS – When you join the MLSP marketing system at any level I will GIVE YOU access to my private team training site where you will learn exactly what we did to produce over 21,000 leads, earn a six-figure affiliate income and sponsor as many as 37 new distributors in just 10 days.

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