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Here’s a simple 7 step mlm sponsoring process to help you attract your first 12 new distributors and get business off to a fast, profitable start.

It’s a proven process and it works.


If you do the work.

7 Step MLM Sponsoring Process

Step 1 – Know Your Reason Why

One of the most powerful things you can do to ensure the success of your new business is to take the time to thoroughly understand why you are doing the business.

And I’m not alone in saying this.

Many top producers insist knowing your WHY is critical because there is often a “story” behind the “glory”.

  • Hand write every single reason you are doing this business on a sheet of paper. Take the top three most important reasons and dig just a little bit deeper.
  • Ask yourself WHY this reason is important to you. And why is that important?
  • Find the CORE EMOTIONAL REASON WHY failure is not an option and write that down on a card. Keep the card with you and read it often.

ALWAYS remember the reason you are willing to pay any price to build your business.

Step 2 – Use Tools for MLM Sponsoring Success

Check with your upline leaders to find the best, most effective presentation tool you can use to present the business opportunity.

Make sure it is set up properly and review it a number of times as if you were the prospect. Understand all the options for getting started and how to sign someone up after they view the presentation.

Network Marketing Sponsoring Secrets Revealed

Step 3 – Leverage Your Influence

Every single one of us knows two or three people with whom we have enough trust and credibility we can literally ask them to do almost anything and they’ll do it.

Call up these two or three people that come to mind that YOU KNOW for sure will sign up if you ask them to. Even as a favor.

Call them, guide them to your presentation and enroll them. Today. Right now.

By the way… argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they’re yours!

Step 4 – Make a MLM Sponsoring Resource List

Compile a list of 100 people. It is far easier than you think if you do not make any assumptions about these people being interested or not interested.

Simply open your cell phone and start writing down the names and numbers you find there.

Open up your Christmas card list and start writing down names and numbers.

Open your email accounts and Facebook and start writing down names and numbers.

Why 100?

Because my experience over the years of building two profitable network marketing businesses is, unless you are absolutely rude and obnoxious, you will sponsor 1-2 people into your business for every 10 people you guide into reviewing a simple presentation.

Especially in today’s uncertain economy. So by writing down 100 names and numbers you are putting the odds in your favor.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets Revealed

Step 5 – Pick 10, Phone 10

Divide your mlm sponsoring list into sets of 10 people each.

Now call up each person (first list of 10) and, after saying hi and catching up briefly, say something like:

Hey, I got something I’d like to show you. I’m going to send you a link to a short 20 minute video. If I send that over to you now, how soon can you look at it? I would really like your opinion on this because it’s important.

Then set up an appointment to call them back after they have had a chance to watch the presentation.

Step 6 – Follow Up

Follow up with each person and ask if they had a chance to watch the presentation.

If so, ask… “Tell me what you like best about what you saw?” Let them answer, listen, and go from there. Then let THEM decide which one they are attracted to – the products, the comp plan, the founders.

Let them reveal what they liked best and work from there.

If not, reiterate that it is important to you they watch the presentation because you would like their opinion. Ask if they have time to watch it now and you’ll call back in half an hour.

Step 7 – Ask for Their Business

Ask for either their business (order products) or for them to join your business.

If they want to think about it. No problem. Schedule a time to get back with them or even schedule a 3-way call with your upline leaders to help answer any questions they might have.

Let them know EXACTLY what will happen next when the decide to join your team.

7 Step MLM Sponsoring Process

There you go. Nice and tidy. And it works.

The challenge is you may doubt the process or doubt yourself. Work through that and simply make it happen.

No matter how you look at it or try to rearrange the puzzle pieces – building a profitable network marketing business is all about connecting with people… guiding them into a simple presentation… and following up to collect a decision.

If you are uncomfortable doing this SIMPLE mlm sponsoring process with family and friend and other people you know – perhaps you should look for another way to create time and financial freedom.


Because it DOES NOT get any easier, nor is there a more effective way of building your business fast than this.

Bless and be blessed,

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