How to Get MLM Prospects

mlm prospectsWhen building your MLM business, you will need people who are interested in what you do and invest in what you are doing.

These are the people who are your MLM prospects.

Identifying these people will require some effort on your part but will help in building your business.

Technically speaking, when you refer to MLM prospects, they should be everyone in the world.

That is the correct mindset to be having as that is actually right.

Although a brute force approach, which is to identify all your MLM prospects, there should be a more efficient approach that you will need to follow in order to maximize your business and identifying who your key MLM prospects are.

Working hard will not be enough; you should work smart as well.

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Build a MLM Prospects List

To get the most out of your MLM prospects, you should build a prospect list. A prospect list is a list of all the potential MLM prospects that you have, but building the prospect list won’t be enough.

You also have to work on refining it in such a way that maximizes both your time and efforts. Identifying key questions for your MLM prospects will help in building this list. Questions like who you think would be most likely to be interested should get higher priority over those who don’t. The prospect list is a good starting point for your business and will be invaluable to your success.

Once you have a refined prospect list up and running, it will be important to make a goal of trying to exhaust this list while setting a certain number of MLM prospects to add on to the list. A good number would be around 10-20 prospects per week depending on how fast you can exhaust your list.

Another tip you can use is to flag those who you have talked to who aren’t currently interested in your business and loop back to them in about a few months to a year. These people may not be interested right now but could be in the future. Certain timings apply to people as well so you should never count these people out entirely but put them in the ‘not yet ready’ category.


Another way to get MLM prospects is through blogging. Blogging is one of the most powerful methods you can utilize in generating MLM prospects. Using the Internet helps you get a global audience in the comfort of your home and gives people a chance to check out your content on their own time rather than waiting for a call or a face to face conversation.

The important first step to blogging is to get the blog set up and up and running. You can use tools like WordPress for this. Once everything is set, you should make it a habit to blog daily and consistently. You don’t necessarily have to blog about your business every day. In fact, it would be good to blog about anything.

The main point is that you get enough posts on your blog so that you will attract a lot of people. When setting up your blog, it will be good if you include a navigation bar and maybe some banners on the side that invites people to work with you. Make sure your banners point to your capture page or your business affiliate link as this will be what is going help build your business when your MLM prospects come to your blog.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are basically finding a person or persons with an MLM prospect list already built out and having them send your ad to the said list. This will cost a bit of money but if done right, it could generate some really fast traffic for you and will help you get a lot of MLM prospects. It is important that you are able to track your solo links so that you know which solo ads are productive and which aren’t. Using solo ads could be the extra boost that your business may need.

Social Media

Everybody knows social media. Everybody uses social media. It’s another great platform to get your message across and build your business. Some people don’t utilize this enough as there are some things you need to do in order to successfully advertise your business in social media.

You will need to brand yourself as a leader of your business, add value and constantly talk and meet with new people all the time. You should create a new account specifically for your business and start to add groups or people that have the same interests. You should join as many groups as you can and stay active in those various groups.

It is also important to not pitch your products or business but instead build relationships with these people and share knowledge and motivate one another. When you see people getting engaged in your posts and discussions, add them up. Once you have a solid base of friends, who are engaged and respond to your daily posts, start having conversations with these people and build personal relationships.

Investing in making these relationships work will give you great benefit later on. It is important to hold yourself back from doing a sales pitch as that can come in later. You can also invite them to your blog so they can also see what you are doing but not necessarily doing a sales pitch on your part.

Training and Assistance

There are a lot of ways to get MLM prospects and the items listed above can help you greatly. It is important to know that innovation is always happening in the world and there will always be new ways to get more MLM prospects. There are places on the web that provide training as well as help in generating leads to build your business. These things can be very valuable and can give your business the jumpstart that it is looking for.

Building a business is a never ending process and you will learn something new every day. The important thing is to keep the same motivation and diligence.

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