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MLM Internet Marketing System

Looking to get started with mlm internet marketing?

Done correctly, setting up a mlm internet marketing system can be one of the most powerful things you do to take your network marketing business to the next level.

Do it wrong and you will have wasted both time and money.

So let’s talk about that.

Let me share share a few lessons I have learned over the years that have helped me…

  • Become a top 20 income earner
  • Build a team of 7,000+ distributors
  • Generate upwards of 100+ fresh mlm leads per day
  • Earn thousand in affiliate commissions, and
  • Personally sponsor 1-2 new team members PER DAY

… and do it all entirely based on a proven mlm internet marketing system.

Meaning I don’t chase family and friends and I don’t buy leads. In fact, I rarely make an outbound call to anyone who is not already on my team unless they have called me first and left a voice mail. Which happens all the time. Potential business partners call me! And now it’s your turn.

Let’s get started.

MLM Internet Marketing Overview

In my experience there is both a right and a wrong way to set up a mlm internet marketing campaign.

The wrong way is to lead with and promote your primary network marketing business opportunity directly.

The right way is to lead with valuable content – like insider tips, tricks, and training – designed to attract potential customers and business builders.

The difference can be dramatic.

Lead with your primary business or even a generic lead generation web site or service and, chances are, you will find yourself struggling to build a business.

Lead with value first and make it a point to present yourself as the leader people are looking for and you’ll be surprised at how easy it really is to make some serious money.

MLM Internet Marketing the Wrong Way

Most network marketing companies provide active distributors with a company replicated web site. Maybe even a few web sites. A retail site, a lead generation site, and a copy of the corporate site where you log in to view your back office.

The challenge here is two-fold.

  • First, a replicated web site stands very little chance of every ranking on the search engines for anything people are actively searching for. For example, on average 8,600 people sit down in front of their computers and search for “mlm business opportunity” every month. Yet I can absolutely, positively GUARANTEE no matter how much you promote your copy of the company site… it will never, ever rank on the front page of Google, Bing or Yahoo when people search for “mlm business opportunity” or any other search that makes sense to grow your business. Replicated sites are virtually worthless when it comes to generating organic traffic (free hits from the search engines).
  • Second, most company sites do a fantastic job of telling the company story and highlighting the features and benefits of the products and services you sell. But they tend to fail miserably at BRANDING YOU as the leader people are looking for. They tend to fail miserably in answering all the important questions a hot prospect might have like “Will you be there to help me?” or “What happens next after I join? or even “Why should I join you and your team versus someone else in the company?”

Let’s break this down. Because this replicated site cannot rank organically on the search engines – you are left with using only mlm internet marketing routines that allow you directly link to your site. For example, you might post ads on Facebook, Twitter, forums or classified sites. You can also use paid advertising models like Youtube Promoted Videos or Google Pay-Per-Click.

Either way, after manually posting ads or paying for ads, someone clicks through only to discover generic information that really doesn’t help guide them into making a decision to work with you. So while you might generate some business this way, you can certainly do much… much… much better.

MLM Internet Marketing – a Better Way

The internet runs on search.

Everyday people from around the world sit down in front of their computers and type in words and phrases with the goal of helping them find more information about whatever it is they are interested in at that moment.

This is a very dynamic process that can make you a quiet fortune if you position yourself to be EASILY FOUND when people are actively searching for your products, services or income opportunity.

The key to building an mlm internet marketing system that works can be broken down into four easily completed steps:

  1. Determine Your Target Market
  2. Determine What They are Searching For
  3. Publish Content Designed to Rank for this Search
  4. Promote Content to Increase Chances of Ranking

Click the button to set up a mlm internet marketing system the works because what you are about to discover may surprise, even shock you at how simple it really is to finally take your business to the next level.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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