MLM Email Lead

mlm email lead

Rumor has it one of the fastest ways to generate company specific leads, sales and sign ups is to rent a mlm email lead list and broadcast an enticing offer.

But it is true?

Let’s take a closer look at the real value of using mlm email leads before investing our hard earned dollars, shall we?

MLM Email Leads

You don’t have to look too far or too wide to discover a lot of people who claim one of the fast ways to build your network marketing business fast is to get into email marketing.

The promise is simple. Compile an exclusive opt-in leads of people who have expressed an interest in your product, service or business opportunity and consistently send offers to your list.

It’s true. The money is in your list, and the big money is made on the backend because it is much, much easier and much, much more profitable to sell additional products and services to people who have already come to know, like and trust you then it is to find a new customer. So the fortune is made on the follow up but you need a database of mlm email leads to pull this off.

So what if you don’t have a big mlm email list?

Does it make sense to go out and rent or buy a mailing list and start sending offers to the cold market? Does it make sense to start broadcasting to safe-lists, place ads in solo e-zines or actually pick up a few thousand or a few million mlm email leads for a few pennies on the dollar?

Renting MLM Email Leads

Before you spend a fortune renting a mlm email lead list, you should do your homework and figure out how much value you can reasonably expect to extract from the list in the long run. This is an estimate of the amount of sales, less expenses, you expect to produce. Here are a few things you need to consider.

1. Unless you get your hands on an extremely targeted mlm email lead that perfectly matches your offer and price point, you can expect to generate a 0.001 percent response. Don’t buy into the hype that 5% or more of the people who receive your offer will respond. It is not going to happen. More realistic to to assume 1/10th of one percent will respond. So crunch the numbers using this criteria. Can you make a profit?

2. Most mlm email leads are sold multiple times by numerous different lead brokers. So while your broker may promise to only sell a set of network marketing leads a maximum of three time, it is important to realize most lead brokers do not generate their own leads, they purchase them from a wholesale broker who, in turn, sells them to numerous retail brokers. This means your semi-exclusive mlm email leads are likely to have been sold to a dozen or more lead companies who are also selling them three times each.

3. How do you intend to actually send the emails? Most commercial autoresponder services like and do not allow raw lead imports. This means you will have to find a different way of delivery. One option is to purchase and install your own internet-based mailing system and risk getting your domain, hosting account and server shut down if you get too many spam complaints. Another option is to use a desktop mailer but your run the same risks of being shut down for spam.

Hiring a MLM Email Lead List Broker

To avoid the risks, you might want to consider employing the services of an email list broker. A broker is someone who knows how to not only secure the best list but is also set up to mail the lists safely.

The downside, obviously, is now you are looking to spend a solid $0.10 to $0.50 or more per contact. So to send one offer to a list of 5,000 active mlm leads can easily cost $2,500 or more. Again, crunch the numbers. Can you reasonably expect to make a profit?

The Best MLM Email Lead

The best mlm email lead is one you generate yourself and there are a lot of ways to make this magic happen.

For example, instead of paying a fortune mlm email leads that have been sold a bazillion times with no safe way of contacting them… consider investing the same money to have someone write a free report and offer that free report on your web site or blog when people join your list.

Over the past year we have used an “attraction marketing” model to put together a mlm email list of over 7,000 on complete autopilot. It takes time but the payoff is huge.

Check it out and I’m confident you will never consider buying a leads again.

Rob Fore

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