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Can you truly give yourself an edge by keeping a MLM diary?

It has been said a life worth living is a life worth recording.

But does the same hold true for building a network marketing business?

Is there really any advantage to spending a few minutes each day to record what you have done and what results you have accomplished?

Can the difference between enjoying massive success and struggling along in mediocrity for years really boil down to the simple act of making a few simple journal entries? Let’s dig a a little deeper to find out.

But first, just in case you are looking for – let’s talk briefly about that first.

MLM Diary Classifieds

This site is hosted by a company in India, and they offer a section where you can place free classified ads.

Unfortunately, the site has not been maintained since 2010 and a quick glance at their Alexa rankings indicated most of the traffic to the site comes from people searching for “mlm diary” in order to place these free classified ads.

For example, check out this quick MLM marketing video:

Very little… if any… search traffic appears to be coming from potential customers or prospects interested in learning more about starting a viable business of their own. So why even waste your time posting ads when there is no definitive proof anyone will ever see your ad? There are many better ways to invest your time to promote your network marketing business.

Keep a MLM Diary for Success

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Or does it?

Doesn’t the journey really begin when the thought of taking a trip first enters your mind?

The idea of taking a trip crosses your mind and maybe you mention it to a few family members and friends. They offer suggestions about potential destinations and you do your research. Finally, after much thought, you select a destination.

MLM Diary Step #1 – Jot down your goals.

Once you have selected a destination, you map out a plan how best to travel to your destination. You select a route based on the time frame you have and any additional stops you might want to make a long the way. You also spend time determining the best mode of traveling. Will you fly, drive, walk or take a train.

MLM Diary Step #2 – Plan your work.

MLM Diary

MLM Diary for Success

Then, once you get started, you take pictures along the way and even a few video shots to document and record the journey. Perhaps you even make a few notes about the people you met along the way and the attractions that have left an impression. You make a note to revisit a few places.

MLM Diary Step #3 – Record daily activities and review your activities for results.

Upon your return, your brother-in-law decides he would like to take his family on a trip and share the stories and pictures and videos of your trip. It was fun, exciting and perfect for a family vacation. But there were a few trouble spots along they way and a few places best avoided. So you share those as well.

MLM Diary Step 4 – Record what works and what doesn’t work.

MLM Diary Success Tips

The most foolproof way to enjoy success in any arena of life is to find someone who is currently enjoying the level of success you want, find out what they did to produce those results and simply commit to doing the same things.

Follow a proven path and put the of odds of success of your favor.

Find a mentor and have them share their MLM diary with you. Which may or may not consist of actual journal entries in a diary. This success model may consist of a step-by-step coaching or training process. Or a well-written ebook or personal one-on-one mentoring. But it will exist in one form or another.

So find it, read it, study it and take action.

Then along your journey to success do the same thing!

Create a MLM diary of tips, tricks and inside secrets.

Share your success and your struggles.

The good times, bad times and things to avoid along they way.

Then share your model of success with your team to achieve even greater success.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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