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Ready to make big money as an MLM affiliate?

A few years ago we focused on building out an internet affiliate marketing business.

We built tiny little Amazon affiliate marketing blogs that featured only one product or service and used article marketing, social bookmarking and blog networks to build backlinks to help the blogs rank.

Each blog would produce an average of $40 per month profit, so to make good money, we just built out a LOT of blogs.

Over 700 of them in an 18 month period.

Yeah… call me crazy!

It was a lot of work, and what I didn’t realize in the beginning of the project was there would be HUGE maintenance issues later to keep the money flowing.

We had to always be building new sites to replace those “products” which were now obsolete. We had to constantly update wordpress and plugins and had to move everything to bigger and better servers all the time.

To make matters worse, because I was also building a profitable network marketing business – I got to experience the difference between creating “cash flow” and creating “residual income” and, hands down, residual income wins the prize.

MLM Affiliate?

Then it hit me.

What would happen if we simply tweaked our model to become an “mlm affiliate” versus just an internet marketing affiliate?

Meaning, instead of focusing on promoting products like a “Weber BBQ” or yet another Clickbank product that pays a only a one time commission…

What would happen if we focused on promoting ONLY those mlm affiliate programs that offered some type of monthly residual income per sale – anything subscription based – like autoresponder services, web site hosting, mlm leads and even complete mlm affiliate programs and different make money or opportunity-based programs?

This would reduce the work load because instead of having to build a new site for every product we wanted to promote, we could build out just one or two large niche authority sites for the the mlm affiliate niche.

The benefit would be less work, less maintenance, less cost (for servers, outsourcing, and technical staff) AND a nice steady steam of EVER GROWING mlm affiliate residual income since most of the products, services, tools and training offered would have a passive income (subscription-based) component to it.

So instead of starting off each month at ZERO and hoping we would make sales… we would start off each month with a GUARANTEED CASH FLOW coming in off sales previously made – regardless if we made any new sales or not. Which is the exact benefit of building out a network marketing business – but without the headache and hassle of training, motivating and managing a full-blown network marketing team.

MLM Affiliate Program

According to the Direct Marketing Association, there are over 76 million people involved in the network marketing industry worldwide at any time with an estimated 140,000 new people JOINING the industry every week!

The “mlm affiliate” market is huge and it’s getting bigger all the time.

Which is a good thing because if you are serious about building a profitable business – the easiest way – it to offer products and services  within a large, hungry, ready-to-buy market.

So with all those fact in hand, I figured we might be on to something and I literally SOLD most of my 700 affiliate marketing blog network to make room on my plate for this next project.

Plus the original model had one great big gaping hole in it…

We Were Not Building a List of Customers!

Which is THE MAGIC PILL of building any successful business over time because is it much, much easier to make a second sale to a satisfied customer than it is to make the initial sale to a new customer.

But this new model would give us the opportunity to not only build a list of hot prospects and satisfied customers… we could also brand ourselves, over time, as being a “player” within the industry… which could open the doors to even greater mlm affiliate opportunities.

MLM Affiliate False Starts

One of the secrets of my success over the years has been to embrace the concept of modeling. Basically…

If you see anyone producing the result you want, all you need to do to produce the same result is to discover exactly what they are doing and do the same thing.

So I went on quest to find a half dozen people who were raking in the big mlm affiliate bucks.

Then I looked for points of commonality. Because even though each of these six superstars were building their businesses a different way and each were promoting different mlm affiliate programs – I was able to spot a few things they all did in common.

Which means there is some value to doing that thing.

So I built yet another blog and started promoting a few clickbank affiliate products that I thought would benefit a struggling network marketer and that offered a monthly residual commission. Thinks like books, training, and even mlm leads.

Bottom line?

The campaign flopped.

Lots of work, but very little income to show for it.

My “gut” was telling it was because we were offering more educational products versus actual TOOLS they could use to build a business. So I quickly changes mlm affiliate product lines again… this time we focused on offering mlm leads, mlm lead generation systems, autoresponders, splash pages, hosting and various funded proposals.

#1 MLM Affiliate Program

Six months ago I ran across a mlm affiliate program that offers struggling networkers a tool to help them generated more leads, create multiple streams of almost immediate cash flow, brand themselves as the leader people may be looking for when they are ready to start a home business of their own, and provide a well-oiled platform to help funnel them into their own primary network marketing opportunity.

The platform seemed almost too good to be true and my concern was, since it had been around a couple years, maybe it had been “exposed” too much, too often, by too many other active mlm affiliate marketers.

But I took the risk, signed up, set it up and started using a step-by-step attraction marketing model to promote the program.

Today we hit what the company calls “Level 5 Leadership” which means a significant raise from earning 40% to earning 50% commissions.

Great stuff. But it gets even better because in the past six months of focusing on this ONE mlm affiliate program we have been able to…

  • Add over 3,700 contacts to our lists
  • Make thousands upon thousands in one-up affiliate commissions
  • Increase our monthly RESIDUAL CHECK by a few thousand…

… and last but not least – actually sign up new team leaders in our primary business as well.

So here’s the take away.

If you are interested in getting into the affiliate marketing game, consider becoming a mlm affiliate because the market is huge and most of the products, tools and training you’ll be offering have a nice residual income component to it.

Plus you’ll be putting together a list of business 0wners, salespeople and professionals.

You’ll be building out a private network of superstars and, who knows… you might even get rich in the process.

I mean, from the results we are having so far, I’m confident we’ll hit the annual six-figure mark our first year with even trying too hard!

Gotta love it…

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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