I recently picked up a copy of Tony Robbin’s Personal Power II at a garage sale. It cost me all of $10.

When I cracked open the box, pulled out the manual and started reading the instructions, I was instantly transported back in time. Deja vu. Because I had “faked” my way through half of the original Personal Power I tapes series many, many years ago.

Back when I was broke. Emotionally, financially and spiritually. (See robfore.com)

Today things are different.

Today Lisa and I work from the comfort of our home in Carson City, Nevada. We earn a comfortable income, drive new cars with personalized plates, give to charity, have money in the bank and have lots of free time to spend with family and friends. We are completely, 100% debt-free with the exception of our house (and we’re working on that).

Passive income and cash flow is the name of the game.

In our  primary business we have over 10,000 active distributors on our team, currently rank as one of the top 20 income earners with the company.

Today I’m more open to growing and exploring, and as I thumb through each of the twelve cassette tapes, it feels like I’m meeting an old friend after years of not seeing each other and playing catch up. Familiar, yet not totally comfortable. “Can Tony come out to play?”

Personal Power II

The course begins by suggesting you keep a journal, stating:

A life worth living is a life worth recording.

… and I remember NOT starting or keeping a journal way back when because it didn’t feel like I had a life worth recording. In fact, at the time, due to a seemingly endless number of back-to-back challenges, hardships and financial setbacks – I remember feeling a little LESS THAN.

A little beat up.

Funny thing is, looking back, I now realize all the challenges were self-imposed. Crazy. I was a master of creating my own chaos.

What bizarre behavior.

And while I’ve created dozens of “promotional” blogs over the years to help pay the bills and feed the dog… I’ve never posted a personal blog.

Guess the time is right. So here’s my blog.

Bless and be blessed,