An Insider Guide to Marketing on YouTube

marketing on youtubeMarketing on YouTube, whether it is for a product, service, or anything else, will be quite hard especially when you know that it would be hard before you can reach your target customers.

But as more and more people are becoming more active over the Internet today, you will be able to reach your target market through different online media.

YouTube is one of the most often visited websites today.

From kids to teenagers to adults, people search for their favorite songs, TV series, movies, or even videos from different people.

And so, marketing on YouTube is one great move, but in order to get many viewers, the first thing you have to do is to know how to get these viewers, and how this will automatically lead you to marketing on YouTube successfully.

So, you may ask, “How do I produce effective YouTube videos?”

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To answer this question, you should know whether you want to make a video which teaches and educates viewers or a video that entertains viewers. Then you should determine what result you want to get at the end, such as an increase in subscribers or simply to attract new visitors to your website and boost your success from marketing on YouTube.

Once you have figured out what kind of video you want to produce, the next thing you need to know is that the first 15 seconds of your video defines your whole work. Studies have shown that the first 15 seconds of a video will determine whether the viewer will stay for the entire duration or leave and look for another.

YouTube has recently changed its algorithm. The way YouTube ranks the videos in search results is now different. Therefore, marketing on YouTube now is quite harder than in the past. It shows off the videos and channels that retain the viewer throughout the whole video first compared to others that don’t achieve this.

And in order to keep your viewers to watch the whole video, you must gain the trust of the viewer by starting with a quick and animated introduction. Also try to spark the viewer’s curiosity, and tease the video with different hosts or personalities. Perhaps try to make an animated introduction for it to build the trust of your viewers. It shows the viewers that a quality production will be shown next.

Marketing on YouTube – Make Calls to Action (CTA)

To make your marketing on YouTube successful, you must create calls to action which are clear and concise. Depending on what message you are trying to convey, you can direct your viewers’ actions in the start, middle, or end of your video.

However, having many CTAs can cause confusion, so you should keep these in minimal and simple. Your main goal here is to make the viewers perform an action. Some examples of actions which you can use on your videos are the “Subscribe,” “Like or Add to Favorites or Share,” and “Comments.”

The “Subscribe” button gives your viewers a chance to subscribe whenever you have a new video to show.

The “Like,” “Add to Favorites,” and “Share” buttons let the viewers to spread the link of the video through different social media and websites. This lets you market your videos in different websites other than marketing on YouTube. “Comments” encourages your audience to participate in your video by asking a question or to simply request for a topic they would like to see covered in YouTube.

With this, marketing on YouTube will be much easier.

Creating Regular Content
Updating your YouTube channel regularly will help maintain the number of subscribers you have and is a good way to make your marketing on YouTube better. This will gain you more and more visitors and subscribers. Releasing at least one video per week is enough to keep it active. Just make that you are not sacrificing the quality of the video just to make it active.

One good way to produce videos with stable content is to make a shorter version of one of your long-form contents. Divide your videos into bite-size versions and publish one every week, then your strategies of marketing on YouTube will be enough. This can certainly maintain the interest of your audience and make them want to learn more about the topic.

Optimizing Your Videos

After spending several hours on deciding, producing and finalizing your video, it does not mean that you will gain as many views as the Gangnam Style music video. You should also set up different strategies of marketing on YouTube. Every minute, 72 hours’ worth of video is published on YouTube. So, making an interesting video is only part of your overall marketing campaign.

To further boost the success rate of your video, you will have to optimize it.

Information found in your video is known as metadata. By optimizing the components of metadata, it will be more likely to show up and boost your efforts in marketing on YouTube.

The title of your video is like a news headline. Most of the viewers will depend on your title whether they would click the link or not. Also make sure to keep the branding at the last part and important keywords at the beginning. Also avoid titles which trick viewers into watching the video. Your video’s watch-time performance and ranking will be negatively affected once this happens. It can also make your marketing on YouTube perform poorly.

YouTube only displays the first two sentences of your descriptions so it is best to put a link back to your site on the first two sentences. This is important because it lets the viewer know more about your video in a shortened form. You can also include your important keywords here, but as always, ensure that balance between good content and SEO-friendly description.

One thing to remember in optimizing tags is to place the most important terms first. You should also use quotes for keywords that come in pairs such as “video production”. Adding a blend of long-tail and common keywords will benefit you. If you really want to provide the right tags to accurately describe your video and result in effective marketing on YouTube, put yourself in your viewers’ shoes, and then ask yourself what you would be searching for.

The overlaying texts found in your videos are called as annotations. These can promote something even if a film is being shown. With this, you can put links, quotes, and others information over the video to give your viewers a better understanding of the content.

Do not put too many annotations for it may turn off your viewers which will latter lead to a decrease in the time they spend in watching your videos. Some ways to use this are: to navigate from one episode to another, to link your other videos, and to ask your viewers to “like” your video.

These annotations will also lead you towards a campaign intended for marketing on YouTube.

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