Easy Ways to Make Money Writing a Blog

make money writing a blogThinking about making money online? There are many paths an interested individual can go down when it comes to earning money.

It is best to go with an option that is both convenient and effective.

This is why most individuals decide to make money writing a blog, but is it easy to do? This is a process and the money or traffic will not simply start pouring in as soon as the blog is created.

There is a process in place that has to be followed, but the rewards are great for those who persevere.

Let’s take a look at a series of tips to keep in mind when trying to make money writing a blog.


Blogging is all about planning. There is nothing worse than not having a plan in place that is going to lead to positive results. A blogger has to understand how to target their niche and create content that is going to draw in people.

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All parts of the blog should be planned out before moving forwards. This includes not only the content, but how the advertisements will be placed, and the general layout of the blog. It should all focus on one type of feel and authenticity that is needed in the modern age. Those who do not focus on these details will be left without a penny in their account and a lot of wasted time.

Quality Content

In the end, there is nothing more important than having quality content that is easy to read and fun for the traffic that is coming in.

If the content is not engaging, there is no point in moving forward with the blog. A lot of individuals get confused as to what they need to do, but in the end, quality content is imperative.

Go through any quality, known blog out there and all of them will have one thing in common. Quality content. Yes, they may have different methods and layouts around this content, but the quality content has to be the base from which the blog grows.

Marketing Through Various Sources

With the advent of social media and how it has flourished in recent times, bloggers have to understand the benefits of using these platforms. They are all home to large communities that are easy to target.

By being a presence on these social media platforms, it becomes that much easier to acquire more traffic that will last for a long time.

Without marketing, the blog will never grow because the traffic needs to know about it before they can become loyal. Quality content is wonderful, but marketing is what helps elevate to greater heights.

Advertisements for Blogging

The placement of advertisements on the site are a key component of the process in general. If the advertisements and the layout is not on point, the chances of seeing success are slim to none.

It is critical to focus on how the advertisements are place. Do not look to take the traffic for granted and start spamming the entire page with advertisements. This does not look good and places a hint of unprofessionalism, so to speak, that should be avoided at all times.

Place the ads in convenient spots and do not go overboard with how many are put up. This will ensure greater results.


The final tip to keep in mind is SEO and how it can be used to garner greater results. What is SEO? The idea behind SEO is to place the right keywords on the blog to make sure the search engines are placing them on the first page of their results.

If the traffic is able to find the blog on the first page of results when they search for a topic, the traffic coming in will be unbelievable.

When looking to make money writing a blog, it is not as simple as getting up and just hitting the ‘on’ button. There is a lot of work that goes on between the beginning phases and the point where a living can be made from blogging alone.

This journey is where the determined are separated from those who are just in it for a few bucks and nothing else. By following these tips, it becomes that much easier to see results.

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