Traditional to Modern – Getting Leads for Network Marketing

leads for network marketingNetwork marketing as a business has been around for a number of years.

This kind of business is particularly preferable for people who want to earn money on the side or for people who simply want to be their own boss.

An important component of network marketing that has remained constant is lead generation.

You cannot stop getting leads.

You need leads for network marketing to ensure that you have a steady stream of customers and income for your business.

Building networks can now be done online.

There are a lot of multi-level marketing businesses online today, making it easier for people to earn money through the Internet.

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You have to pay extra attention to the products and services you want to promote and sell. You should know the company they come from and understand their benefits to consumers. You also have to appreciate what value they offer.

You can use this information to determine where to get your leads and how to qualify your leads for network marketing.

Traditional Ways of Lead Generation

Decades ago, getting leads for network marketing started with listing names of family members, relatives, friends, associates, neighbors, and acquaintances. It’s actually a hit or miss thing. Network marketers use prospect lists that contain the contact information of their target customers.

After the people in their immediate circles have been exhausted, they turned to cold calling or calling on people they do not know. Some network marketers have relied on phone books and directories for this lead generation activity.

Others with more budget would go on roadshows and marketing blitzes to promote their products and get random people to sign up for a promo or drop their cards in a fishbowl for a raffle. These people would then be their new leads.

Leads for Network Marketing Today

Quite obviously, people who are into online network marketing would not find these traditional methods of generating leads for network marketing as effective as other means of obtaining leads. More modern techniques are taught at the MLM Lead Generation Bootcamp.

In online network marketing, lead generation techniques are powerful enough to give you a long list of prospects within a shorter period of time. Qualifying these leads is also easier especially if your lead generation tool can be customized to generate leads based on your specified profile.

Here’s how you can use modern technology for in generating leads for network marketing businesses:

1.    Email Lists – this is the easiest way of generating leads for network marketing. There are no guarantees, however, that the people in your email list will actually buy from you. Email addresses gathered randomly are difficult to qualify as you do not normally have more information of about the people who own the addresses. And in some cases, the email addresses might not be active anymore.

Of course, if you have to pay for these email lists, you need to get an assurance from your vendor that the email addresses are current and active. There are some vendors who can give you email lists of people from a specific demographic profile or those from a particular group of people such as an organization or professional association.

Some lists might be more expensive than others depending on how difficult it is to get the list and how much processing is required on the vendor’s end.

2.    Subscriptions – network marketers can make use of blog subscriptions to get leads. Have a newsletter or regular feeds on your blog. Visitors and readers can subscribe to these by inputting their personal information to your site.

Aside from the materials they signed up for, you can also send them other relevant materials about your products and services. Since they signed up to receive information from you, it means that they are interested in what you have to offer. It is up to you to sustain that interest and turn them into customers.

When you send your newsletter or information materials to your subscribers, you have to make sure that you send them something of value. It is important to remember that they can easily opt out of the subscription when they lose interest. You do not want to lose them before you can even sell to them.

3.    Freebies – People love to receive things for free. You can give out a free ebook or anything really that your prospects would consider to be of value. Your prospects will simply have to register for your promotional offer to get the freebies. Just like subscriptions, you gain access to their contact information. You can use this information to send them information about future offers.

4.    Social Networks – Virtually everyone is in social networks these days. These networks will be a great place to get connected with the people you want to invite into your own network marketing business. You can get leads for network marketing from these sites when you join networks where your target market are connected.

You can set up your own account and have people who are interested in what you have to offer like your account. It works like a stamp of approval that broadens your reach. You will be able to gain more potential customers on your list when you constantly make your presence felt in these social networks. Again, it is important that you keep your posts and reputation positive.

5.    Software – There are high-tech ways to generate leads for network marketing. Software companies have found ways to provide network marketers a steady stream of leads. You have to be careful, however, since some of these might not give you quality leads for network marketing.

Do research on the lead generation software that you are interested in before you buy it. Talk to the vendor and ask about how the software generates the leads. These lead generators do not normally come for free, but you might be able to find some that come with free trial offers.

Technology has definitely gone a long way in terms of helping businesses flourish. The modern network marketer will be foolish not to take advantage of what technology has to offer when it comes to generating leads for network marketing. A great start for any network marketer would be to sign up for a free MLM lead generation bootcamp.

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