Jonathan Budd Scam

jonathan budd scam

Jonathan Budd entered the internet network marketing world with a bang.

A huge bang.

Which has created a lot of fans, a lot of detractors, and a lot of people screaming “jonathan budd scam” as loud as they can.

So what’s the real story? Is there any way to tell who is telling the truth here?

Jonathan Budd Scam Exposed

I’ve been doing business online full-time now for over 15 years. And what I’ve discovered along the way is you simply cannot please everyone all the time. It just will not happen.

So when Jonathan created his online “attraction marketing” system and started promoting it… hundreds, even thousands of frustrated network marketers had the opportunity to watch a young guy EXPLODE his business and start earning millions within a few short months. Many of these people signed up for his “7 Figure Networker” program and they also began promoting it. A few made money, most never made money, and a few quit and instead of taking responsibility for their own success or failure to take action… started posting Jonathan Budd scam reviews.

It’s tragic, but true.

Some people really like to play the blame game. It helps them feel better. So the most of the Jonathan Budd scam reports you read should really be taken with a grain of salt. Consider the source. Consider their agenda.

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For example, if I spent $50 a month for six months without producing a result and my spouse was giving me the blues about it – I can help smooth things over by ranting and raving about how I was really a victim in the process because I bit into the who Jonathan Budd scam just like hundreds, even thousands of other people. Make sense? Consider the source.

Jonathan Budd Scam for Marketing

Another reason you might find a Jonathan Budd scam report online is because most people like to do some “due diligence” before they invest in a new product, service or opportunity – so there are a lot of people searching the internet for “scam” and “reviews”. This means a sharp online marketer can funnel a lot of this type of traffic by simply writing a post or an article with “scam” or “review” in the title somewhere. EXACTLY like I did with this blog post.

I mean, let’s think about it.

Chances are very good that the reason you are sitting here reading this post right now is BECAUSE you were doing some type of due diligence about the Jonathan Budd 7 Figure Networking program or one of the other products, services or opportunity he promotes. To be safe you started searching for “Jonathan Budd Scam” or maybe even “Jonathan Budd Review” and this page popped up high in the search results. And now… you and I are hanging out and having a moment.

So what’s my agenda for writing this post?

Simply to share my experience with using the “7 Figure Networking” system versus my experience of using the “My Lead System Pro” system – and how they compare. Because I’ve used both and, frankly, we have enjoyed MUCH, MUCH MORE success using the MLSP system than we ever did promoting Jonathan’s system.

  • Both programs are designed to help you generated fresh leads on a daily basis, earn cash flow from affiliate sales, and potentially create a nice passive monthly income from those who decide to join.
  • Both programs promise to provide a platform where you can easily brand yourself as the leader people are looking for to help promote your primary business on the backend.
  • Both programs are geared toward helping those of us who are not too computer/internet savvy to actually begin using the internet to start making money.

Jonathan Budd Scam Challenged

Both programs can be used effectively to generate leads and both program do help you earn multiple streams of cash flow from various affiliate products on complete 100% auto-pilot.

The biggest difference that I found was, once you join the 7 Figure Networking program, Jonathan brands Jonathan and any personal branding you do is pushed behind the scenes – which isn’t a good thing because YOU want to be seen as the leader people are looking for because it doesn’t help you to promote Jonathan as the leader people are looking for. Make sense? So while his system works as advertised (if you work it), we’ve had much better success in signing up people into primary business on the backend of the MLSP program BECAUSE you and only you are branded in the back office.

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Using the EXACT techniques I show you step-by-step how to use in the bootcamp – we were able to use the MLSP system to generated over 800 leads, earn over $4,000 in affiliate commission, increase our month check by $1,420 AND sign up a handful of people into our primary program.

Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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