How To Find A Successful Internet Marketing Agency

internet marketing agencyInternet marketing agency is just a fancy term for a company who does SEO, SEM, PPC and social marketing for companies.

This is the name they choose to use because so many people have a sour taste in their mouth over SEO.

SEO has become sort of a bad word due to all the algorithm changes Google has been doing over the last four years.

If you would like an in on a little secret, good SEOs were not punished by Google updates, so you should not be weary of SEO agencies who dare use that name to market their services because the good ones have always run an ethical business.

Here is where you should ask: “What is ethical SEO, and how can I find an Internet marketing agency who does this?”

This is exactly what we will discuss in this article.

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Our intention is for this to be the go-to article for people and companies who are looking for an Internet marketing firm.

Finding An Internet Marketing Agency That Knows What They Are Doing

Doing this is neither as hard nor as easy as some will make it out to be. The first thing you need to learn is what questions to ask, and you also need to learn what ethical SEO is.

Ethical SEO: The creation of high quality content that engages the reader, that causes them to stay on your website for a long time, content that causes the reader to often return to your site. A link building strategy that is based on attracting links and share in a natural way. A link building strategy that is varied.

You now know what ethical SEO is, but we now need to discuss why ethical SEO is so important.

Why Google Got Angry And How To Make Google Happy

Google became angry when unethical affiliate marketers and SEOs abused Google’s algorithm to push garbage websites to the top of Google’s listings. This was such an affront to Google because they are supposed to be the greatest search engine in the universe, and the greatest search engine is supposed to only supply relevant and needed content.

With unethical individuals abusing the system, Google was constantly giving their users horrible information from sites that were only designed to make money. People who operated these sites were creating poor content that didn’t help anyone and they were creating thousands of back links by using software.

Google’s answer to this was to create stronger controls. These controls were added to each algorithm update that Google released. Google first attacked people who were creating and spamming links. In today’s post Panda/Penguin world, a site is punished for creating too many links from the same website or type of website.

Your links now have to be varied and need to come from a myriad of sources like they would if your site were to organically become popular. Also, Google demands great content on your website. Google can measure this by how long someone stays on your site, how often they return to your site, and how often your site is shared, liked, or ‘plussed.’

It is now easy to understand what ethical internet marketing is and how an ethical Internet marketing agency will go about promoting your website. Some questions that you must ask are:

(1) What is your link building process and please show me examples?

(2) What is your content creation strategy?

(3) Show me examples of websites that you have helped?

(4) How do you know that your strategy works?

Truthfully, there is much good an ethical Internet marketing agency can provide, but you must do your due diligence to find a good company.

I think that as search engines improve, these companies who specialize in search engine ranking and marketing will be even more important. Combination linking and marketing is something that is expected to come in the future, where search engines will deliver results based on the likelihood of people being interested in other businesses and information.

Google is already doing this. The example that most people give is when you type into Google looking for a movie theater and it also shows local restaurants nearby. Finding such obvious and unlikely but useless combinations will be useful well into the future.

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