Becoming Involved with Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

internet marketing affiliate programsMany online merchants use Internet marketing affiliate programs as a semi-passive way to generate income.

Affiliate marketing is a partnership for creating wealth between an online merchant and an affiliate marketer.

It is the aim of the merchant to promote services or products through the placement of links or ads using the affiliate marketer’s website.

As a results-based marketing strategy, the affiliate marketer earns a commission based on a variety of “calls to action” taken by the online visitor.

Internet marketing affiliate programs offer an easy solution for many individuals wanting to generate a steady stream of income.

The online marketer promotes the merchant’s products or services using downloads, clicks, registrations, or sales.

The amount of commission received by the affiliate marketer is dependent on the agreement with the merchant.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Both the merchant and affiliate marketer receive financial benefits for their efforts. The online merchant receives free ad space, paying only for proven results – per lead, per click, or per sale.

On the other hand, affiliate marketers usually only need to provide minimal ad space on their website. If the marketer has a steady stream of online visitors to the website, they can generate continuous income any time their targeted audience performs the “call to action” redirecting them to the merchant site, or views the merchant’s banner ad.

This provides the merchant phenomenal amounts of free advertising to a vast audience, to enhance exposure and recognition, increasing brand awareness. Because Internet affiliate marketing programs are well-established online, the affiliate marketer can execute every stage, allowing the merchant to avoid dealing with the procedures, while reaping the financial benefits.

Leading Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

A decade ago, there were only a handful of Internet affiliate marketing programs available to everyone looking to generate streams of income through an e-commerce site. Today, there are thousands of programs available. However, the four leading affiliate sites include:

Amazon Associates

Many successful affiliate marketers utilize the benefits of Amazon’s ability to sell millions of products including books, electronics, music, toys, food and more. Becoming an Amazon associate affiliate marketer is easy, gaining access to a rich plethora of niche markets. Commission rates are based on sales volumes and product types, and can reach as high as 15 percent for many specific products.

Commission Junction

Affiliate marketers enjoy Commission Junction, because it works as a clearinghouse for a vast array of companies doing affiliate business. The thousands of affiliate programs have different payout rates, upwards of 50 percent or more. The commissions provided by the company are based on sales, clicks and/or leads.


LinkShare, much like Commission Junction, works as a clearinghouse for thousands of affiliate marketing opportunities from numerous companies, such as The site offers an easy to use dashboard that keeps every affiliate apprised of all new offers from associated merchant partners. It provides access of all earning data in real time. The commission rates can reach upwards of 20 percent on the affiliate programs provided by the company.


Affiliate marketers enjoy the association they have with 3300+ unique merchant affiliate programs on ShareASale. Marketers can promote a variety of products and services associated with apparel, food, gardening and home life. Typically, this network promotes smaller brands than the leading competitors. However, it has high payouts including $50 for a sale, five dollars for a lead, and 10 percent commissions.

Gaining Success

The most successful individuals who generate streams of income using Internet marketing affiliate programs focus on one specific strategy. They base their website, and its content, keywords, meta-tags and titles based on the desires and needs of a specific targeted audience. They offer links to products, product reviews, comments, and feedback enjoyed by the targeted visitor attracted to the site.

Many individuals enjoy the fact that affiliate marketing requires no upfront money. Merchants enjoy having the ability to sell their products and services without paying any money, until a call of action including a sale, click or lead has been generated by the affiliate marketer.

This allows them to pay for advertising that works, minimizing their own marketing budgets. Affiliate marketers enjoy generating income on a site they already own, visited by a targeted audience interested in a specific niche market.

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