Extra! Extra! How to Use Facebook for Marketing

how to use facebook for marketingFacebook still continues to reign in the kingdom of social networking sites.

Many people have used it to post their pictures, videos, and important notes.

And today, with the overwhelming innovations and development of the Internet, Facebook can now be used as a marketing tool as well.

In fact, it can be a great marketing tool. To get the best out of it, you should know first how to use Facebook for marketing.

But for those who are skeptic about using Facebook as a marketing tool, let this article enlighten your mind first.

Presented below are the major reasons why Facebook is good for marketing.

It’s Free
Don’t hate this article for stating the obvious ,but this is an important matter to be included. Why not? Everyone is definitely missing the point why Facebook is a valuable marketing tool. It is free for all. And you don’t get that a lot today.

Many people even believe that nothing is free anymore. But guess what? Facebook proved that wrong. If you are new in Internet marketing and you think competition is tough, which is true by the way, then try promoting your product trough Facebook.

There’s no startup cost and you can freely do anything you want. So if it’s free, why not learn how to use Facebook for marketing? It’ll be one of your best decisions ever.

Massive number of users
If you master how to use Facebook for marketing, you can expect traffic on your site. Because many users use Facebook every day, it has become a target platform for many marketers to advertise their products. With its 400+million users, your product is sure to boom if you use Facebook effectively.

You don’t have to be a computer expert
Just create a Facebook page, make it informative, be friendly and voila, you are already marketing your product. You don’t need to be a computer savvy to learn how to use Facebook for marketing. Every tool is user friendly and can be used easily.

Although those reasons are not enough to convince you fully but those are just few of the numerous benefits you can get out of using Facebook to market your products. So, if you have gone past the stage of being skeptic in using the site for marketing then it’s time to move on to the next step and that’s learning on how to use Facebook for marketing.

5 Easy Ways on How to use Facebook for Marketing

1)    Hashtag Feature
Since the inception of SEO, keywords or magnifying the keyword of your topic has been important. Facebook features a hashtag that you can use to highlight your keyword. Hashtags will also allow your keywords to appear on Google. To simply say it, hashtag is a tool so other users who search on Google will see your keywords even if your post is in Facebook. Highlighting keywords of your topic makes your topic searchable and easy to find which can be great in lead generation.

2)    Use the Facebook Ads- classic advertising
The second way on how to use Facebook for marketing is through classic advertising. Have you ever noticed the classic ads on the right corner of Facebook pages? You can also use that to promote your ads.

Those ads are Facebook’s very own advertising tools that marketers like you can use. It includes an image, a headline, and a click-through link to any site. Even if the link is an outside website, Facebook will still allow you to promote your site.

These ads can help in driving traffic to your site or more likes to your page. Every ‘like’ can be from a prospective client who can view your products and services.

3)    Host a Facebook contest
Today, Facebook already allow users to host a contest on the site. You can make use of this tool to promote your products or services. Many online stores today use this tool in Facebook for marketing so why not use it for yourself too.

Running a contest is a type of promotion that is no different from real-life contests to promote a certain product. Contests and sweepstakes increase the awareness of other Facebook users, which then leads to more possible customers for you.

4)    Sponsored Stories on Facebook
Another amazing way on how to use Facebook for marketing is through sponsored stories. Sponsored stories are another type of ads on Facebook where in users can see the interaction of their friends.

For instance, if their friends liked a certain page, they will be able to see that on their newsfeed. So if 3 of your friends liked a certain page, the page would appear on your newsfeed showing your three friends who liked it. The goal of this type of ad is to capture your attention and drive you to do the same action as your friends did. It seeks to use the “word of the mouth” concept, which is a really effective strategy in marketing.

5)    Use Facebook Promoted Posts
Rounding up the list on how to use Facebook for marketing is Facebook Promoted posts. This ad is an effective tool for marketing but it’s not free. Unlike creating a page, this ad will cost some amount of money for you to start using it.

However, it is also effective because the amount you pay have corresponding number of users who can see your posts. The startup cost for this ad is $5 but you can always increase your payment so it will be visible to many users.

For instance, your budget for the ad is $20, the corresponding number of people who can see the post for 3 days ranges from 1,100 to 2,100 people. Fair enough, right?

This number of users cannot be reached if you are using the Facebook page for marketing. Facebook promoted pages will work wonders on your business compared to any other marketing tool.

Using Facebook for marketing is another marketing tool that ‘should’ be utilized by marketers because it is effective and reliable. Because Facebook can be really far-reaching, its impact on any business can be really huge.

Compared to any other marketing tool out there, this one’s effectiveness is undeniably good because of the many users that use Facebook.

If you know how to use Facebook for marketing, you can be one of the many success stories in the world someday.

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