How To Market With Facebook: Secrets That Actually Work

how to market with facebookThere is a way to marketing on Facebook that is beyond having a fan page and posting cat pictures and self-help quotes.

It seems that every marketer on Facebook believes that is the way to success.

They become everyone’s standard issued Facebook friend. As a marketer, my goal is to dominate and to get into my followers heads.

I’m not on Facebook to do what most people do; I’m not Facebook to change lives (and the most important life is my own).

I have only one major goal with Facebook marketing: creating a community and earn money.

How To Market With Facebook

There are two ways that I market on Facebook. First, most of you do not have many followers and I bet you have tried organic campaigns that have not worked.

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I’ve gotten the majority of my initial fan base by spending only $20 via Facebook promote this post and PPC ads. Some would want to promote a cat video or some other sappy posting but you have to ask yourself if that type of offering is going to get you the type of fan who will eventually do business with you? The answer is NO.

The cute cat loving person will probably be the type of person who is more into knitting than earning money on the Internet. Your takeaway from this is: Know Your Demographic and use Facebook’s paid methods to advertise your page.

What Type of Content Should You Promote?

If you can’t promote typical self-help and cute kitty posts, then what should you promote to get fans and money? Great question! As a marketer, I want to reach the people who need what I have to offer and as such all my marketing deals with promoting content that my ideal fan needs/wants.

One of my favorite times to promote posts or to place ads on Facebook is around holidays, where I make ads/posts dealing with “Earn enough money for xxxxx holiday.” I also have many, “are you tired of failing”, “are you tired of gurus”, “Why most people will stay poor”, “everyone wants you to fail and here is why”, “what being successful taught me about my friends.” I basically write headlines and content that people who are interested in our industry will like because those are the people who will do business with me.

One Trick I Use To Save Money

To save money on ad costs, I often promote posts that link back to an article on my website because promoting posts are cheaper than regulars ads. Also, Facebook creates a full preview that people can immediately read without leaving Facebook. Facebook, like all ad networks loves its self and they don’t really want you to send people off their site.

Target Your Content Based On Strict Demographics

Know how to market with Facebook by targeting your message. I wouldn’t send a three Tips For Women Business owners to men. I also wouldn’t send it to anyone under 25. My target audience are women 25 and older, who have liked other business blogs, who have liked news shows and other financial pages. Facebook is great at allowing you to pinpoint your target audience.

Use this and you will find great success on Faceboook. It would be smart to spend a few hours search the most popular network marketing people and business on Facebook, as well as the most popular entrepreneur and business pages. This list will help you target your idea Fan. Continue to refine this list over time.

After a while, when you promote a post, it will have enough depth to reach an even larger audience. As an informal case study, I was able to get 400 new fans in about 10 days with only spending $20 dollars. This is the power of Facebook. I also got a ton of likes and hits on my website! This also lead to new team members and more money for me.

As you can see, Facebook is a great place to market your business. It is not for the uninformed but for people who take their time to learn the best methods of how to market with Facebook.

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