How To Market On Twitter And Really Grow Your Business

how to market on twitterOnline social media provides unique opportunities to grow your brand, generate interest among potential buyers, and effectively market your business.

Twitter has untapped potential when it comes to marketing.

If you are wondering how to market on Twitter, follow these steps and watch your business grow.

1. Take Care When Selecting Your Twitter User Name And Be Sure To Fill In Background Information With An Interesting Slant

Your Twitter user name should reflect your business.

In fact, your business name may be the best choice for Twitter.

Your tweets will be readily identifiable and associated with your company’s brand.

On the other hand, don’t rule out using powerful SEO techniques when selecting your Twitter handle.

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Find out which keywords most commonly send people to your website and use one of those. For example, if your company specializes in retro 1960’s flower power design and your website ranks high for the keywords ‘flower power products,’ it makes sense to capture those words within your Twitter user name.

Write an informative official Twitter bio and be sure to include the real name of the person responsible for the majority of the Tweets. On the web, transparency matters. By putting a real name and face on your handle, you increase your credibility.

2. Inform, Amuse, and Educate In Lieu Of Promotion

When you think about how to market on Twitter, keep in mind that it is all about shares. These shares are known as ReTweets and the more of these that you can generate, the larger your potential group of customers. Twitter users are more likely to share content that makes them laugh, engages their attention, or teaches them something that will help them in the future.

You can target your potential groups by developing content that will appeal to the type of person most likely to buy from you. This is known as the qualification process. More traffic isn’t necessarily better if you aren’t getting targeted traffic.

Create content that establishes your business as an expert in the field. Think about the Flower Power example given above. As an expert in the Flower Power era and the designs and culture of the times, craft a witty Tweet and link to a blog post on your company’s website that talks about the history or the humor of the time. Once your readers are engaged, they are more likely to browse your website to see what you have to offer.

3. Vary Your Content And Avoid Sending Out The Same Message Over And Over

Unlike commercial TV, Twitter doesn’t have intervening shows to keep readers reading when your content pops up. That’s why sending the same message over and over like a television commercial is not effective on Twitter. Switch it up to keep your readers’ attention or risk losing the followers that you have.

Remember that content that we talked about in Item 2? Make sure that the vast majority of Tweets are referencing materials that fall into this category. Strategically insert promotional Tweets but make sure that those Tweets are unique and have a purpose.

Promotional tweets should deliver real information about your company. Changing location or promoting personnel? Send out a quick Tweet to let your followers know.

Make sure that strictly promotional Tweets are worth the time to read. Big sales, new products, or a great review of your company make interesting reading. When Tweeters send out the same lame material over and over, already busy Tweeters will skim past your items. Refuse to use watered-down content to ensure that you are sending out enough Tweets to maintain an active presence. Quality matters just as much as quantity.

4. How to Market on Twitter – Engage With The Twitter Community

Keep in mind that social media is, in fact, social. By interacting with other users, you’ll spread your visibility. Share Tweets with the movers and shakers in your industry or with people and organizations that your company is in alignment with.

Learning how to market on Twitter requires that you reach out to the larger social networks and establish a presence. If you want to be a player in the larger business world, Twitter provides the opportunity to extend your social reach.

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