How To Increase Google Ranking Today…

how to increase google rankingBack in the days where Google was just another search engine among hundreds of others, it was quite difficult to make your site popular as different search engines had different criteria in ranking websites.

In just a few years Google has managed to take over the search engine domain, dominating default home pages and search bars of browsers.

This makes advertising your site a lot easier since you only have to focus on how to increase Google ranking specifically.

This is crucial as most users only click on the first few sites they see and will often ignore results in the succeeding pages after the first page.

A lot of people want to know how to increase Google ranking of your website easily.

You have to take note of the a few parameters Google has in seeing which pages go to the top rank and which ones go to some obscure page number never to see the light of day.

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Here are a few of them:

Have Links that Point to your Website
Another great tip on how to increase Google ranking is to have links that point to your website, preferably by popular sites. Sites that have other popular sites link to them become more popular as well.

The more links to your site from others the better. Take note that if the sites that have links that point to your websites are not that popular and lack quality content, it won’t help that much.

Create Relevant Title Tags
The <title> tags in the <head> section of a webpage should be relevant and contain keywords that you think the users will search for as well.

Contain Words People Search For

Apart from the title of the site, the content site must contain the keywords you think people will search for as well. Google is not human (even though it’s pretty close to becoming one).

If you write a guide on how to increase Google ranking and set the title accordingly without containing the actual keywords “how to increase Google ranking” within the paragraphs and sentences themselves, then other sites that actually have more occurrences of the phrase most likely will outrank you.

Put Keywords in the Links to Your Site
If the links to your site contains certain keywords, Google thinks those keywords represent what’s on your site. For example, if a link labeled “Flowers” points to your site, Google will assume that your sites talks about flowers and will index your site accordingly.

Use a Search Engine Site Map
Some people pull their hairs out trying to figure out why Google can’t seem to find them even after following almost all the tips on how to increase Google ranking. If Google cannot discover some pages on your website, make a site map. Site maps tell search engines about the pages in the site, their relative importance to each other, and how often they’re updated.

Check your Robots.txt File
Google reads a text file on your website called the “robots.txt” file. You can control what search engines can index in your site with this file. With this you can block the search engine from going to certain parts of your site. Always create a “robots.txt” file so even if you’ve nothing to put there. A blank file will imply that Google can index everything on your site.

How to Increase Google Ranking with ALT Tags on Images

Another great tip on how to increase Google ranking is to find ways to add more keywords to your site in a non-awkward way. ALT tags are ways of putting descriptions of what your picture shows.

Google needs this because while Google is no longer blind and can search for images by getting images uploaded by the user, users oftentimes still search using words than pictures. Make sure your ALT tags contain relevant information regarding the images shown.

Avoid Link Networks
Link networks do not fall on our list on how to increase Google ranking. Some companies create link networks to create more traffic to your website by creating other websites that often do not contain quality content, only massive amounts of links to your website. This will endanger your site as Google often penalizes sites doing this. In the end, your site may not make it to the first 10 pages at all.

Don’t Waste your Time with the META Keywords Tag
Google was created in an era that has learned to ignore this. The keywords Meta tag is a type of html tag often placed on webpages. In HTML it looks something like <meta name=”keywords” content=”your keywords here”>. It’s not shown in the website itself though.

In the old days, the keywords tag were used to show search engines what websites contain according to the keywords in that tag. (In addition to the words in the website themselves, of course) it helped people who often make spelling mistakes, but it also was abused by webmasters by putting irrelevant but popular keywords in the tag to attract more visitors.

Wondering how to increase Google ranking using META? Don’t bother. Eventually search engines started to ignore that tag. You should too.

Make sure that all of the pages in your site could be found through at least one link in your site. If they’re not linked from somewhere, neither the user nor Google can find it.

Use Google Trends
Google Trends shows how popular a search term is over a certain period of time. You could use this to make your site more visible by replacing outdated terms with more popular ones.

Write Great Content
Some lucky people don’t really know how to increase Google ranking but still get the traffic they want because they have great content. If your site has poorly written, grammatically incorrect articles, people will eventually stop visiting it.

Don’t aim to be infamous; there are ways to share bad sites without increasing its ranking on search engines, and most people will opt for that route if your site is really that bad. On the other hand, if your site has great content, content worth sharing and content worth going back to, your site will be appear in more social networks, linked by other popular sites, and consequently appear on the top ranks of Google search.

Lead Generation
Done everything in the list and still not getting the ranking you wanted? Try lead generation. Leads are either a person or a group of people interested in your product. In this case, it’s your website. Lead generation helps both the consumer and the seller as it helps the consumers find the seller through other sites.

Rob Fore uses the My Lead System Pro program (MLSP). The MLSP teaches you how to easily generate web traffic, leads, and sales all online. This includes tips on how to increase Google ranking among others. His blog, gives you a 5-day MLSP boot camp for free. This may just spell the difference between being in the 1st page of Google and being in the 2nd.

If you surf the Internet a lot you’d know how massive this difference is; you can hide your deepest, darkest secrets in the 2nd page of Google search and nobody would ever find out. If you want get helpful advice on how to increase Google ranking and other great tips for your website and product, try MLSP with the other tips mentioned and get the attention your site deserves.

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