How to Generate MLM Leads Like a Pro

how to generate mlm leadsLeads are the lifeblood of every business, especially for MLM businesses.

Many people who have invested in MLM businesses have already tried countless methods on how to generate MLM leads.

Whether these methods are tedious, expensive, frustrating, or ineffective, network marketers try different methods hoping that their efforts will pay off in the long run.

This optimism and tenacity of network marketers do pay off.

Yes, they did spend time and money on methods that didn’t work, but they learn about the methods that do work by trying out which ones work best for them.

Here are some effective methods on how to generate MLM leads:

•    Offer Free Training

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Information online is easily accessible. There are lots of articles and tutorials on almost anything, and some people might think that offering free training won’t attract anyone into signing up. Yes, there are tons of information and tutorials online.

While this is true, people also value the quality of the information and the support from opt-in free training offers. Readers won’t get that from articles or video tutorials alone. A proven example of a great free training offer is Rob Fore’s FREE 5-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp. Free training is a really attractive and effective way on how to generate MLM leads.

•    How to Generate MLM Leads – Limited Offer Trial

Offering a limited trial of your product is also an attractive incentive for people to sign up. This is an even faster way on how to generate MLM leads, because this actually reels them in closer to buying your product. Once they try it and experience the benefits for themselves, they’re one step closer to buying.

•    Use Ad Banners

Don’t just concentrate on your own website – spread the word about your product elsewhere. Using ad banners to attract people to your product page is a direct and effective way on how to generate MLM leads. If your product addresses a need or a problem, then use that in planning your ad banner. This way, you’ll get visitors from the target market that you’re aiming for.

Your banner doesn’t need to be fancy. It just has to be easily readable and placed in other websites that are relevant to your product. This might be costly in some cases, so try to contact related websites or blogs that have a good search engine ranking, and offer a banner exchange or try for a discount. Present a win-win solution for both your targeted website and your business. It never hurts to ask.

•    Don’t Waste Your Time on Free Leads Offers

Time is probably the most expensive resource, and wasting time on free leads offers will even cost you more.

Consider this: why would people give out free leads when they can use those leads for themselves? Yes, you’ll get a list of contact details that you can use, but the chances of getting quality leads out of it are slim.

You’ll be better served with spending your time doing other methods on how to generate MLM leads.

•    Article Marketing

Article marketing has been around for years, and the reason for that is it works.

Write about the problems that your product can help solve, because millions of people go online for information whenever they need some help or ideas in solving whatever is bothering them. Remember that the way on how to generate MLM leads is to attract people who need your product. They don’t know yet that they need your product, so choose a common ground where their needs and your product can meet.

Focus on the problems and offer other simple solutions. Mention the benefits of using your product. Put a link to your business website or product page in your article, and put a ‘call to action’ in the end. Examples of this are ‘Click on the link below to know more’, or ‘Click here to solve your problem now!’

•    Get Social!

Connect with other people who can benefit from your product by searching for relevant blogs. These blogs may be about the problems that your product can solve, or they can be reviews blogs that are related to your product.

Post helpful comments and throw in a suggestion about your product. At this point it doesn’t really matter if the blog is a no-follow blog. This means that you can’t use these blogs as sources for backlinks for your SEO efforts, but so long as you’re able to leave a link to your product page, it will still pay off.

Be empathic and don’t just comment for the sake of leaving a link, because your comments are supposed to attract people, not turn them away.
Don’t spam. There are things to avoid in how to generate MLM leads, and spamming is one of them. If you have staff posting comments for your business, train them to do it right. This means that the comments have to be relevant, grammatically correct, polite, and they have to have a link to your website.

It’s also important to keep track of the comments, because it will help in interacting with other potential leads. Keep a spreadsheet with a list of blog pages that you commented on, with a copy of the comment that you posted. Include the date when you posted the comment, because it will guide you on when to make a follow-up.

•    Remember to Make a Follow-Up

If you did the previous method, then use the spreadsheet that you made to revisit the blogs that you posted comments on. Check if there are replies to your comments and if there are other blog posts that you can comment on.

Bloggers check when there are repeat visitors and commenters, so revisiting blogs and interacting with people will help in solidifying your connections. This method doesn’t automatically reel in leads for you, but it’s also an indirect way of how to generate MLM leads.

•    Use a Tried and Tested Lead Generation System

If you want to boost your lead attraction efforts, then try an online MLM lead generation system like It will help you on how to generate MLM leads more efficiently.

Hard work and a positive attitude go hand in hand with the foundation of a successful MLM business. Doing the most effective ways of how to generate MLM leads will strengthen your business’ foundation – your leads – and help you reach your MLM business goals.

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