How To Advertise Your Business On YouTube

how to advertise youtube channelYouTube is one of the best advertising channels for a series of reasons you probably know already.

It belongs to Google and it is the biggest video resource and the second largest search engine.

Establishing an active presence on YouTube is a must for all marketers who want to be successful.

This article is going to show you step-by-step how to start using YouTube to your advantage to increase your sales and your profits.

What You Need To Start Advertising On YouTube

TrueView YouTube advertising is available via Google AdWords; therefore, you are going to need a Google AdWords account to start with.

You’ll also need a YouTube channel.

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You don’t have to upload your video ads on your channel, but having it is mandatory for almost all types of YouTube video advertising.

The other thing you need for video advertising on YouTube is a budget. If you wonder how expensive YouTube video ads can be, you should know that prices are set via bids, just like in the case of AdWords.

This is everything you need to get started. Nonetheless, if you aren’t sure how to fine-tune your digital marketing campaigns for more profitability, you may want to hire a professional agency to set up and manage your advertising campaigns. Sometimes an agency can save you a lot more money than you have to pay them, so it’s worth giving it a thought, especially if you don’t have a clue about search engine marketing and similar stuff.

Types of YouTube Video Ads

There are four types of TrueView video ad placements you can choose from, as are outlined below.

In-Stream Advertising

You may already have encountered this type of advertising while using YouTube to watch videos. These video ads are displayed before the main video starts and the user has to watch the first five seconds, then he or she is shown an option to skip the ad if he or she wishes. Advertisers only pay for users who view the complete ad; the ones who skip it after the initial 5 seconds are free.

In-Slate Advertising

These ads are displayed before videos that have a length of at least 10 minutes. Advertisers only pay if users watch the video.

In-Search Advertising

These ads are inserted among the related videos when the user performs a search for certain keywords. They are very similar to AdWords ads, the only difference being they are videos and that the right sidebar contains also videos which are there because they have related content and not because their owners paid anything to YouTube.

In-Display Advertising

These video ads will appear on partner websites that publish content from YouTube. This is the only type of all YouTube video ad that doesn’t require you to have a dedicated YouTube channel.

Planning your video YouTube advertising campaigns is easy, as it uses the same interface as AdWords. Nonetheless, it is best to read the technical and editorial guidelines from Google in order to make sure your videos are totally compliant with all requirements.

What To Know When Creating Your Video Ads

You should keep in mind that video advertising is different than AdWords or other text advertising options. Videos are very powerful in conveying messages, but you need to have a very strong call to action in order to determine viewers to actually visit your website.

Remember that product demonstrations are among the most effective marketing techniques, as they give the user a chance to actually see the product in action before deciding to give it a try themselves.

Unlike an image banner or a text ad, a video needs to tell a little story or make a point in order to be catchy and compelling. Always start with an idea, then draw a storyboard to better visualize its execution before you actually start shooting your advertisement.

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