How to Present Your Opportunity to a Home Business Lead

home business leadYou’ve already generated a bunch of home business leads to present your product or business opportunity.

They might even be streaming into your inbox.

The most crucial task at hand at this point is presenting your business to a home business lead.

•    Be Selective in Who You Ask to Join Your Home Business Team

For the initial people that will comprise your team, you have to be careful in choosing a home business lead to speak with.

It’s not fear or avoidance of rejection at play here.

The reason for this is because they will be the first people in your network who have the chance to test your product or business opportunity.

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Get to know your home business lead. Ask about lifestyle, mid-term and long term goals, and dreams

Ask about efforts made and opportunities taken to get closer to those goals. This process will help you figure out the best way on presenting your business as a solution that can help accomplish those dreams.

During the setup stage, you have to be attentive and supportive if your home business lead has questions or need some assistance. Your initial sign-ups will comprise the base of your network, so they have to have the right skills and the right motivation to sign up with your business and be assets for its growth.

If they have a good experience with your product or business, then they will spread good feedback and give their best effort to the business. The same is true if they find your product or business lacking. Word will spread, whether good or bad.

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•    Regularly Present to as Many People as Possible

As a network marketer, you have to be consistent with the information that you give out and the strategies that you use in getting your message across to as many home business leads as possible.

Being consistent at every presentation will show your home business lead that you know your stuff. This will not only help you communicate the details of your business, but it will also communicate the message that you’re the person to sign up with.

•    Tailor Your Presentation to Show that Your Home Business is Fun and Easy

Not many people are attracted to meetings about stats, graphs, and percentages. Bring out the numbers when a home business lead asks for them. Reply to questions honestly, but reiterate the experiences that you’ve had that make your home business fun and easy.

Focus on the more positive side of building your business, instead of the hardships or setbacks that you’ve encountered during the different processes that growing your business involve. Share how much fulfillment you get from having your own network marketing business.

Also talk about your business and the things that make it easy for you to handle all its different aspects at once. You might be using an online MLM lead generation system, like Mention that there are tools out there that are effective and don’t break the bank.

If a lead still seems uncertain, don’t hesitate to mention free and educational resources online, such as Rob Fore’s FREE 5-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp. These free online resources are helpful in teaching the best methods of marketing to grow a home business.

•    Handle the Topic of Setbacks Positively

Downfalls encountered in any process of growing your home business will be brought up by a home business lead. It’s best to handle this topic honestly and positively. Yes, there will be issues along the way, as nothing is perfect. Don’t try to sidestep this exchange while presenting to a home business lead, because it will seem like you have something to hide.

Discuss it, but focus more on the methods that you’ve employed to overcome setbacks. Highlight your triumphs and the way that you felt once your efforts paid off. Ensure to your lead that you’ll be there to provide as much help and encouragement as needed.

•    Keep your Doors Open for a Home Business Lead

It’s only natural that in spite of putting your best effort in presenting your business opportunity and yourself, there will still be people who won’t sign up or remain hesitant. Don’t burn your bridge with a home business lead, because no one can predict the future. The status today might be the opposite tomorrow or the next year, or the year after that.

Hold on to your leads. Keep them growing and continue to nurture your connection with them. Continue setting a good example and being a source of inspiration. When you achieve any type of success in growing your network marketing business, make sure that your contacts know about them. You might think this is bragging, but it depends on how you present your message.

You can recount your successes and follow it up with how you want everyone to experience the same achievements that you do. Highlight your willingness to help your leads reach for their own dreams.

•    Remind Your Leads to Refer Other People to You

You already send out the message that you’re willing to help in achieving dreams through your network marketing business. Step it up and say that you’re willing to help even more people. Sometimes, people forget or disregard requests for referrals.

You might worry that this can be annoying for some people, but it all depends on how you ask for referrals. You can ask your leads whether they know a few people they can help by connecting them to you. You can also include a similar message at the end of your blog posts or emails when you do your online marketing campaign.

Presenting your product or opportunity to a home business lead not only requires knowledge but also empathy and sincerity. Your business is not a consumable or disposable item – it’s something to be nurtured through time to maximize its benefits.

When you’re knowledgeable, empathic, and sincere, a home business lead will see your business as an opportunity that they can trust to work for them.


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