How To Create Effective Google Video Ads

google video adsMany people are familiar with Google text ads, but these same people are pretty clueless when it comes to Google video ads.

Since videos are the most mainstream way to spread news, it only makes sense for Google to help people get their messages across with video.

There are certain things that must be done to make sure that your videos are as effective as you would like them to be, and they are highlighted here.

The first thing you need to remember is that it is important to keep your creative juices flowing.

Just because you make a video does not mean that people will watch it.

Good content is more important than a video that looks great.

Yes, you should have a great combination of the two, but content always wins in a video ad battle. Your message should be clear and concise.

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There are many people who make videos and forget to emphasize the message. This is a mistake, as it means that you have wasted time and money on something that will not have the results you had hoped for.

Your Opening Image and Google Video Ads

Your opening image is the first thing that people will see when they watch your video. It is crucial for you to choose one that will resonate in the minds of viewers everywhere. The reason that it is so important is because it will set the tone for anyone who has just tuned in.

Most people know within the first five seconds of watching a video if they plan to continue watching it. Having a solid opening will give them something to stick around for.

Choosing audio to go with your video is very important. The sounds mean just as much as what is happening on the screen. There are some people who try to use music that is popular at the time.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, it should not be there unless it flows well with the theme of the video. For example, if you are making a video about the wild and rough sport of snowboarding, it would not make sense to use a classical song as the background music.

Your Google video ads should not be very long in length, so try to convey your message in as little time as possible. Unlike video content that is viewed for entertainment, it is not very common for people to sit through the entire video. While you are allowed to make an ad that is up to two minutes it length, you should aim for a duration that is about half of that. The shorter the ad, the more likely people will be to watch it in its entirety.

A Call to Action

Always insert a call to action in your videos. The idea of your video is to get people to do something, so make sure that you let them know that. Whether you want them to give you a call, visit your website, or donate money for a cause, you need to be perfectly clear about what steps should be taken after watching the video ad.

One example of that would be television ads that repeatedly tell you to “call now.” Whether you believe it or not, saying this will increase the likelihood of that actually happening.

Try adding some text to your video. Sometimes when people watch video ads, their minds start to wander and they lose focus of what is happening on the screen. Strategically placing some text on the screen will help them remember what they are watching. It will catch their eye and give them a reason to stay put. There are often people who are prepared to turn off an ad until words on the screen compel them to keep watching. As always, make sure that the words you use are relevant to your business.

Google video ads are becoming all the rage at this point, so there should be no reason why you are not using them to give your business the boost it needs. While it may seem like loads of work, the results should be enough to motivate you. Make sure not to forget any of this information when you are in the process of creating your ad.

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