How To Win At Google Internet Marketing

google internet marketingWhen most people think about Google internet marketing, they think about all the struggles and troubles that are involved.

Many internet marketers have actually left Google to find easier places to market, such as Facebook and Pinterest. This is an article for people who refuse to run when the goings get tough or when Google releases another update to their algorithm.

This is an article for the doers and for those who want to learn how to dominate Google. If you have any of these things in you, then this is the perfect article for you. This is not a spoon fed do A,B,C article, but one that will teach you how to think about internet marketing.

How To Think About Google Internet Marketing

So you do Google internet marketing? Welcome to a competitive career where most people washout, fail, and where most give up. It is my hope that you are here to learn skills and that you are willing to outlast your competitors.

The first think you need to know is that internet marketing is a competition and as such, you must always know what the industry winners are doing and you must shape your marketing campaigns accordingly. There are many tools that you can use that will help you keep an eye on your competition. The following are some tools that you will find helpful:

Now, that you know what your competition is doing, you need to understand the nuts and bolts of internet marketing. If you’ve been in this industry for just one day, then you know that internet marketers both love and fear Google.

Some even go as far as referring to Google as the “Big G.” As a marketer, you should not fear Google, but you should see them as the law of the land. Luckily, Google loves you, but only when you abide by their rules. A good question to ask is “what are Google’s rules?”

What Google Wants

Google is quite easy to please. Google wants quality content and natural links to your website. We will first get started on quality content. Before we discuss content, please take a look at this link to read what this expert has to say about evergreen and generative content:

If you’ve read the above article, you will understand how great content benefits both you and Google. Google, as the premier search engine, demands topnotch content, content that will keep a user on your website and content that gives the user what he/she needs. What do you get from creating this caliber of content?

The first thing you get is an increase with your site rank score in Google because they reward/penalize sites based on how long a user stays on their site. The second benefit you receive comes from adding the user value, when you add value you build trust and you create a customer. Topnotch content is worth its weight in gold and it is the life force of Google internet marketing.

The Google Popularity Contest

Most search engines are run like a popularity contest and the criteria to determine why a site is popular is based upon how many links that site has. Knowing this, many blackhat internet marketers created thousands of phony and spammy links. This allowed them to get on the first page of Google and it created a major problem for Google and the people who use Google.

People would perform search looking for detailed information and they would get sent to spam sites that had poor content. For Google to keep its role as the go-to search engine, they had to make updates to how they rank sites and they had to put an end to garbage sites dominating the first page of Google. How did Google do this? Google calibrated how it viewed links. Link spammers were getting thousands of links from the same site so now Google’s algorithm weighs the likelihood of a site getting X amount of links from a single site.

What this has done is force natural link building via content that is share and link worthy. If you have too many links coming from one source, Google punishes you but if your links are varied, Google praises you. The take away for internet marketers is to create awesome content that people will continue to comeback and read because this content will attract links and shares.

Use this knowledge to shape how you build and promote your website with Google internet marketing!

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