Global Domains International Scam Review by Top Producer Who Quit

Is Global Domains International (GDI) a scam or can you really make some serious money promoting the program?

Frankly, it depends who you ask and their “agenda” for giving you their answer.

Because not everything about you read about the “global domains internation scam” is based on objective reality.

Global Domains International Scam Review

Global Domains International (GDI) was founded in early 2000 to offer .WS domain names and web site hosting for $10 a month.

Domain registrations are promoted by GDI distributors who earn a monthly commission on all personal sales.

There is also a 5 level network marketing MLM compensation plan that offers active distributors the potential to build a team and earn an additional passive residual income based on cumulative team sales.


So far so good.

GDI has a proven track record and it is certainly one of the most popular and well-known business opportunities online today.

But the questions begs:

[gss-content-box color=”blue”]Can the average person, without any serious internet marketing skills or training, actually sign up and start making a significant income promoting .ws domains names and web site hosting accounts?[/gss-content-box]

In my experience, the answer is no.

For a couple of reasons.

And while I wouldn’t hold up a sign reading “GDI scam” – I did join, got busy promoting the program, make a few sales, sponsored a few distributors and then quit.


3 Reasons People Might Scream GDI Scam

First, studies indicate most people who join a MLM opportunity need an additional $300.

An extra $300 a month could save your home, help pay off debt, or even put a child through private school.

The challenge is GDI only pays one dollar per sale.

So to reach this magical $300 per month income requires a minimum of 300 sales in a very competitive market.

For example, Godaddy sells top-tier domains for $10 a year and hosting for $4.95 a month.

Second, earning only a dollar per month per sale doesn’t allow for any type of advertising budget.

This means the only viable option to grow a GDI business is to through organic search methods which takes time and expertise.

Finally, perhaps the biggest challenge of all is the only real way to make a significant income is to recruit other people to become active distributors so you have the potential of earning a commission independent of your time and effort.

Which is a good deal if you can pull it off.

But, based on the promise of earning only one dollar per month and leaving no room for an advertising budget… it’s no wonder many people think of GDI as a bit challenging.

Overall GDI seems to be over-priced in today’s competitive market with low earnings potential which is why I quit and now make tens of thousands of dollars each month affiliate blogging.

Bless and be blessed,

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Rob Fore :is a network marketing trainer, speaker, and coach. He is the best-selling author of Online MLM Marketing and a 20 top income earner with a team of over 7,000 distributors worldwide.

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    • I know a FEW people who have been promoting this for YEARS and they seem to be doing okay. If you have a steady stream of targeted traffic... you can make money with pretty much anything. But WHY aim for earning a $1 per sale and it is just as easy to earn MORE. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Rob,

    You give a lot of great information, but people should be aware this could be a condemnation of any MLM. Without lots of guidance by a person's upline, a good amount of work, and with no advertising money, a way to learn and use lots of free advertising possibilities. (I got over 1000 hits per week for over a year - with a number of sign ups and people still working with me All for free!.)

    And Rob, I'm sure that you are as aware as I am that just signing up people is not the way that people ever make their money with a MLM company.

    Thanks for letting me speak.


    John Bonzo

  • I've been an affiliate of GDI and I also quit. Now, don't say I'm a quitter that's why I didn't succeed in GDI, as I succeeded with other opportunities. I'm an MLM trainer of a giant direct sales company here in the Philippines and I teach people, "Quitters never win".

    I have other reasons why I quit...

    Being charged $10 per month on a domain name is a bit outrageous because, in other companies, your $10 is good for one year. I think that's one of the primary reasons why promoting GDI is a challenge nowadays.

    • In my experience, MOST products or services tied to a network marketing compensation plan tend to be overpriced. The comp plan almost requires it.

      Which explains why there is always a HUGE amount of attrition in this business. Because if people who are NOT making money promoting the business, if they can find a similar product or service at a more fair price... they will.

  • I to use to belong to GDI I quit and rejoined GDI Team Elite. Making single sales by yourself is hard that's why GDI Team Elite is doing it with team work, each person gets 6 sign ups and those 6 get 6.

    • Reminds me of the "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day" story... versus teaching a man to fish and providing him for life.

  • I've been promoting GDI now for about 3 years. I'm no expert on mlm but made a decent amount of money in prepaid legal before it became legal shield. Buying a domain for $10 monthly is a bit challenging but not impossible. Running a business online for $10 monthly....that's attractive. I stick to business building rather than selling domains. $1,876.00/monthly and climbing. I did create my own business cards and brochures though.

  • If your downline stays a year you actually make $12 per sale per year is that not correct?

    • I haven't kept up with Global Domains so I am completely unfamiliar with their current compensation plan. What I do know if you really need to crunch the numbers to determine if building out any business is worth the time and effort it will take to build a profitable business. And don't count on the proverbial "duplication" because, historically, less than 12% of all sign ups will ever sponsor or recruit anyone.

  • I was with GDI for quite a while but like everyone I did not continue as I got a better offer. A friend of mine who joined at the same time said he is still going strong and gets random checks in the mail. I have just been invited to jump back in with a couple of good marketers who are offering a way to promote this and also lots of training. Might be time to revisit

    • Before you jump back in, crunch the numbers to see if it is really worth the effort. Low paying comp plans require a TON of sign ups to make money and, historically, less than 12% of all the people who join a MLM ever sponsor anyone. Meaning, you should not count on your "team" to contribute much (if any) of the results.

  • I am still with gdi and looking to build a team of 4 or 5 people to talk with every day and share ideas plus share sign ups. If any old gdi members out there track me down. Let's do this.

  • People who want to do Online Business from home, GDI help young entrepreneurs to make money from home 24/7.

    • As I share in the post, there ARE people who make money with Global Domains, but you are really promoting something that only pays a $1 month - so it will take a TON of traffic, leads and sales and another TON of downline duplication to make any money, really. There are many, many opportunities available with much great profit potential.