Free Network Marketing Leads

Looking for free network marketing leads?

That’s great because every top producer in the network marketing area built their profitable businesses by coming from the vantage point of lead prosperity.

Meaning you have more free network marketing leads and mlm leads at your disposal than you and your team have time to effective to actually contact them all and follow up.

Unfortunately, most people who first join a MLM company have no clue whatsoever about how to generate free leads.

So once they blow through their warm market – their friends, families and co-workers – their business tends to stall out. So it is absolutely critical that you, as the leader of your team, find a way to start your own network marketing leads from the cold market and then teach your team how to produce the same results.

Advertise for Free Network Marketing Leads

If you have more money than time, consider advertising your business opportunity to generate leads.

You can use a combination of direct mail, postcard decks, classified ads, online classified ads, pay-per-click advertising, pay-per-view advertising, full page display ads in magazines, voice mail broadcasting, package inserts, online banner advertising, fliers and more.

Now, obviously, there will be a cost to generate these leads upfront but the idea is to make contact, follow up and collect a decision.

Do it correctly and you’ll find you truly gain make a profit which means you have discovered a way, through paid advertising, to generate free network marketing leads.

Once you put together a strong, profitable advertising campaign you can offer your team “shares” to participate in the lead cooperative.

This means everyone kicks in a few dollars to share the costs incurred and everyone also shares in the results.

This is a great win-win for everyone because it minimizes cost and increases the activity and duplication of your team.

Free Network Marketing Lead by Referral

One of the most effective ways to build you MLM is to introduce your products, services and opportunity to the people you know, your warm market.

However, what you’ll find with many of your team members is they are members of the NLF club (no friends left) because we have hopped from program to program and always hit up the same people in our warm market to join them in this next big thing. Which, over time, undermines their credibility and trustworthiness.

The key then is for YOU, their upline leader, to the work the warm markets of their new team members for them.

This brings new credibility to the table and often results in explosive growth.

For example, you sponsor John and ask John to introduce you to the top three people he knows who is currently enjoying some measure of success in their lives. You work John’s warm market and ask for referrals from those who are not interested.

Unlimited Network Marketing Leads Free

Are you familiar with the phrase “attraction marketing” as it relates to internet marketing, affiliate marketing and network marketing?

MLM Attraction Marketing is one of the most powerful, time-tested ways of generating unlimited network marketing leads free on demand.

Here is how attraction marketing works:

First you decided on what it is you want to sell.

Do you want to lead with a particular product, service or your business opportunity? Let’s assume for the sake of this example we will be leading with your business opportunity and the goal is to generate a free network marketing lead.

The next step is to conduct market research to find out what type of person is most likely to be your best prospect.

In other words, we need to find your perfect target market. Once found, you continue to research this target market to find out exactly what they are searching for… and how they are searching… when looking for a new business opportunity or way to make some extra money working from the comfort of their home.

On the internet, for example, you can use free keyword research tools and very quickly discover tens of thousands of people actually sit down in front of their computers every single month, visit the Google, and literally search for “how to start an at home business”.

free network marketing leads

Free Network Marketing Leads

Once you have determined what how your target marketing interacts with the internet when in the market to buy your product, service or opportunity you simply create content around those exactly search phrases.

So you would want to write a nice 500 to 750 aticle or blog post that tells them what they want know – perhaps “7 Great Tips on How to Start an at Home Business”.

Publish your content, then promote it to rank on the search engines. Rank high on the front page of Google, Yahoo or Bing and you’ll see a huge percentage of the people searching for actually visit your site. Present a nice free offer of some kind and you’ll be amazed at how easy it really can be to start raking in a steady steam of “free network marketing leads“.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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