Ways to Get Free Network Marketing Leads

free network marketing leadsNetwork marketing is essentially the act of selling your product through networking with others.

This could be done by calling your prospects, sending online messages to your prospects, or personally meeting your prospects.

Several techniques are basically free and others can cost money but it is important for marketers not spend that much money.

What marketers have to spend more of in their online activities is time.

A majority of the flourishing network marketing strategies require a significant amount of your time.

You have to be willing to sit down and do the necessary tasks to gain valuable leads from various sources.

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You simply have to be willing to spend time to understand the concepts and apply them in your own network marketing business.

There are still free network marketing leads nowadays. Despite the crisis, there are some things that you can acquire without spending a single penny. If you are resourceful and you know how to maximize your funds, you can have the leads that you want.

This is appropriate for people who are just starting in the business and want to maximize the popularity.

Here are some basic marketing strategies that are free for the people who are interested to venture in any kind of businesses:


If you have your personal phonebook or your neighborhood’s telephone directory, make a list of potential customers. Cold-calling is simply picking up the phone (mobile or landline) and talking to people. It is effective and free.

You have to make sure that you properly introduce yourself, mention the purpose of your call, and thank the person whether he accepted your offer or not. You may also invite them to your home or a local community center and talk to them in person.

Attend Gatherings or Hold a Small Community Meeting

Interacting with people is a great way to network. It is better than cold-calling since they now see you in person. If they show signs that they are not interested with your offer, hand them your personal business card, which knows, one may contact you once they’ve had a chance to think things through.

Brochures and Flyers

You can create attention catching flyers or brochures and hand them over to people. Take the time to walk or drive around nearby communities and post these as far as you think is reasonable for your business. This can cost you gas expenses for your car, but the advertising of your business is basically free.

In the world today, virtually every household already has an Internet connection. While the abovementioned traditional lead generation steps have been proven to work, there are new and more modern ways of getting free network marketing leads. Consider the following:

Electronic Mail

Make a personal mail making proper greetings and the sole purpose of your email so that it won’t look like a “spam mail” for some. Make it an interesting one by asking common questions that can be answered by your recipients’ needs. One example is starting your email with “Do you want to earn from a business from home?”

Social Media Sites for Free Network Marketing Leads

Tap into social media websites. You can also have a blog that’s connected to your Facebook or Twitter account. Get conversations going and get new visitors for your online business. Whatever you post, however, should be relevant to your audience or target market.

Forget about tweeting “Go visit my website” all the time. With this kind of posts, your contacts will simply tag you as a spammer and eventually block you from their contacts lists. Make your posts helpful to those who follow you so that they will send you referrals and leads.

You can also meet up with other marketers online. Through these interactions, you will be able to share more content and gain more leads.

Video Blogs for Free Network Marketing Leads

Do you have a video camera at home? You can use it by recording a short video of yourself presenting the products. This is a great approach and can be very effective because you are right there for your prospects to see – face to face. Again, this needs to be done appropriately. It’s not enough just to upload a video here and there and say you are selling a product.

For this step, you will definitely want to have an account and it’s important that you treat YouTube as you would a social network. There are also some tools that you could use to help you disseminate or edit your videos to multiple video sites (e.g. Sony Vegas). Constantly do your research and decide what fits your time and capacity!

Also, have you heard of Skype? This is the same as social media but online chat software. Here you can search potential contacts talk to them face to face through a web camera, but of course you have to approach them with a non-spamming introduction.

Forum Marketing

This can be another effective strategy to gain free network marketing leads, if done properly. Joining several forums and then putting up a post pitching your business opportunity is the quickest way to not get any leads for your business. Some people join the forum, and put up a spam post of no value. Furthermore, they don’t bother to put up a picture or a bio or even a good signature. It’s always seemed so inappropriate to me.

Don’t do this it will not just be a waste of your time but also the administrators of the forums may ban or block you for doing so.

As a substitute, join around 1-3 forums, whatever you think you can obligate to and control. Take the time to fill out your profile and take the time to put up a picture if the forum allows it. Always put a link in your signature that offers people more than a nonspecific company website/capture page.

Similar to social media, the point of a forum is to have a common place in the Internet where people with similar interests can go and share ideas and information but more on a place of discussion including question and answers. Join in the marketer’s conversation and get to know other people on the poll posted in a forum. It really is a community and a great place to develop relationships. Lead with significance and you won’t go wrong.

Eventually, you will become part of the community by offering value and leadership; people will naturally become attracted in your business and will look to your signature to find out more about you. That is how you will generate leads for free, so make sure you send them some place that can do that, like your own blog or your Facebook page.

The above marketing strategies can turn into a time waster if not done properly.

Free network marketing leads are the seeds which will grow your business, and they’re not easy to come by unless you begin with a proven system of lead generation.

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