Free Internet Marketing Tools that Work

free internet marketing toolsOwners of small and medium-size online businesses typically have a low budget for advertising the products and goods they sell.

Usually, the amount is not substantial enough to benefit from the latest effective Internet marketing opportunities.

However, the Internet is filled with effective, free Internet marketing tools that can assist companies to improve their conversion rates, increase leads, and generate higher revenue.

Many free Internet marketing tools provide assistance in a variety of ways when developing and maintaining an online company. These include:

•    Effective ways to use social media to stay current on what others are saying about the company brand, and the brand of competitors

•    Determining web design and content issues that hurt the company website

•    Creating high quality written content

•    Improving research for locating the ideal keywords and key phrases

•    Testing marketing strategies including an email subject line

•    Ways to build an effective paid search campaign

•    Data on what type of individuals are interacting with the company website

•    Optimizing the company’s website to accommodate mobile users

Free Google Tools

Online marketers use a variety of effective tools to promote an online business through a variety of means that can include:

•    Generating greater leads •    Redirecting targeted audiences to the company site •    Improving conversion rates •    Increasing profit levels

Many of them use free tools provided by Google with convenient access online. A few of these include:

Google AdSense

Websites with moderate traffic can take advantage of Google AdSense to generate income. It requires placing advertisement codes on a site header, sidebar, and in written content on the website. Many individuals generate an enormous amount of passive income every month in a variety of niche markets on the Internet. Google AdSense can be used to promote a website or backlink to redirect traffic to a site.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Many marketers become stuck on knowing which keywords are effective in a search engine query. As a result, they will turn to the Google AdWords keyword tool when running a search engine marketing campaign. The process is simple, and requires entering a term that returns a huge array of ideas.

Much like search engine optimization, this keyword tool helps group a variety of keyword ideas, allowing the user to dig deep into what online visitors are typing in search engine queries.

Google Analytics

Having the ability to analyze a variety of different factors concerning a website is an easy and powerful free Internet marketing tool to learn about the company’s website visitors. Google analytics provides valuable data on a variety of factors of every individual that lands on the company site, including:

•    Demographics – Marketers can easily learn information about the targeted audience including their language and location.

•    Social Engagement – This tool provides valuable information including which social network visitors are interacting with the company website social plug-ins and where they are from.

•    Technology – Instantly find out what operating systems, networks, and browsers each visitor is using when viewing the website.

•    Mobile Information – Marketers can instantly determine if there is a need to build a mobile website for the company by using this free Internet marketing tool. It provides data on how many visitors are connecting to the site using mobile technology.

•    Top Content – This tool provides an easy solution for getting a handle on the effectiveness of posting content on the company website and indicates the most viewed entry and exit pages.

•    Traffic Sources – This tool allows complete allocation of keywords, websites, search engines, and online referrers sending traffic to the company site.

•    Conversion Data – This free Internet marketing tool allows marketers to set up goals to determine which visitors are completing conversions including purchasing services or products, or filling out data to be added to a mailing list.

Staying Ahead with Free Internet Marketing Tools

Staying ahead of the competition requires skillful marketing based on acquired information. Many successful online entrepreneurs take advantage of Google Alerts, another essential free Internet marketing tool. It provides an instant alert for many reviews, comments, feedback, or critiques involving your company’s niche industry, sector name, or competitors by entering keywords.

The diverse mix of available free Internet marketing tools above are the most updated solutions for gaining an advantage over your competition. The data provides much of the information required to develop a skillful marketing campaign to attract a larger targeted audience, improve conversion rates, and generate greater sales and profits.

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