Follow Up & Follow Through for Success

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Want to find your fortune?

Take action, follow up and follow through!

That’s the message I took away after reading these powerful “success shoutouts” this week.

Because everyone who was having success… was all doing it differently.

6 Quality Leads in Less than an Hour

Andre Catnott studied how to host a Facebook Livestream in the marketing library, applied what he learned and picked up 6 quality webinar leads in less than an hour. Just like that! “FB Livestream is much more engaging than Periscope,” he also noted with a smile.

40 New Leads in My CRM

Becky Gaskell shared, “I’m blown away. Only 3 leads yesterday afternoon and this morning I woke up to 40 new leads in my CRM! This system is incredible when worked correctly.” Did you catch that? 40 leads overnight? Can you imagine?

I Have Officially Hit the 10k Club!

10kinstagramAnd take a look at Jelena Ostrovska!

Jelena has been consistently climbing the leaderboards and becoming a known brand on Instagram.

Did you notice how all three of these superstars were BUILDING their businesses a different way?

Yet each were having success.

And I bet if we dig deep enough we can find points of commonality.

Things they have ALL done… or are currently doing…

Which gives us a HUGE CLUE exactly what we should be doing, right? Because…

[bctt tweet=”If you find top producers doing the same things, you can count those things matter… a lot!“]

Can we find any points of commonality? I spot three big ones right away.

  • They all had a SYSTEM set up
  • They all STUDIED a marketing method
  • They all TOOK ACTION

It’s not so much WHAT they did…

…as it is they DID something.

Awesome work. I’m pumped.

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