How Facebook Video Advertising Works

facebook video advertisingThe latest news from Facebook is going to make some waves in the internet marketing industry.

The launch of Facebook Premium Video Ads is the start of a new era, not because video advertising is something new, but because it converts well, it is captivating, and in this particular case, it is minimally intrusive in the viewer’s experience with Facebook.

If you are a business owner or an internet marketer, you are probably interested in how Facebook video advertising works. This article will show you step-by-step how you can have your Facebook video ads up and running and how you can effectively use them for increasing your brand awareness and for capturing a constant stream of qualified leads.

What Are Premium Video Ads

First of all, you should know that Premium video Ads are very new on Facebook. In this initial stage, only a few selected advertisers were invited to participate and create their ads to be displayed across the network.

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All ads are 15 seconds long. They start playing as soon as they appear on the screen, but they are muted. This is a great way of avoiding the embarrassment of users who may browse their Facebook account from work, when they are supposed to do something else. If the user desires to watch the ad and clicks on it, the video will start playing on full screen, with sound. As an advertiser, this is what you pay for: users who watch your ads. If they only browse through and don’t click on the ad, you won’t have to pay.

Buying video ads on Facebook will be priced just like advertising space on TV: based on TRPs, namely Targeted Rating Points. This is perfect for your marketing budget because you’ll know exactly how many people in your target group you can reach with a certain amount of money.

The quality of these video ads will be closely monitored, so that they don’t spoil the user experience in any way. This means you’ll need to take care when you produce your ads, so that they have an excellent quality in terms of meaningfulness, watchability, and other performance indicators. Facebook partnered with a company called Ace Metrix in order to help advertisers produce the highest quality video content possible.

What To Know Before You Start With Facebook Video Advertising

Deciding to do video advertising is a big step in the life of a business. Video has more capabilities than images because it can easily tell a story or explain how a product works in a matter of seconds, while taking very little space on a page. Production is very important, as well as having a clear story line with a compelling call to action that would resonate with the target audience.

When defining your video campaigns, you should consider segmenting the market according to the main criteria offered by Facebook. It is much better to be able to show your ad only to people who have a good potential to become your customers instead of just throwing mud at a wall to see what sticks.

Feedback is also very important; therefore, you should always keep an eye on analytic reports and see where the most conversions came from. Determine what are the weakest links in your campaigns and fine-tune them to improve their strength. Don’t be afraid to drop or change things that aren’t working, because experience is the best method of finding out the best strategies and tactics that would differentiate you from your competitors and would make users follow and trust you above all others in your market.

Business owners who don’t know too much about internet, social media, or video marketing may encounter problems in developing powerful and catchy content that converts. This is why they may be better off hiring a professional digital marketing agency to handle their online presence. This will make it more simple for them to reach their core target in a way that would determine them to take action.

A professional digital media agency will have the knowledge of what works best in various markets, thus saving you time and money and allowing you to focus on the thing you do best, your business.

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