Making The Most Of Facebook to Market Your Business

facebook to market your businessDo you wish that you could drum up more interest as you learn how to use Facebook to market your business?

You may feel as if using Facebook for Business to Business (B2B) marketing is not really effective, but in reality, it is very effective.

The trick is learning new strategies for successful Facebook B2B marketing.

In this article, we will share some top tips to help you improve B2B marketing on Facebook. Read on to learn more.

When using Facebook to market your business, it is just as important to understand your demographic and know your audience as it is when promoting anything online.

When you understand who will be interested in your products and services and you gear your presentations toward them, you will naturally attract more interest.

This is as true of other businesses as it is of individual clients.

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Luckily, you can use Google Analytics to help you determine exactly who your audience is. The data and tools are readily available to you. Just check out Facebook Insights, and you will get a very clear impression of exactly who your audience is.

By making good use of Facebook Insights, you can see exactly how your followers use your page. You will be able to see how your demographic compares with others using Facebook in general.

You will also be able to see exactly who is looking at your page most and what their preferences may be. You are sure to find the vast amount and wide variety of user data provided by Facebook insights to be very helpful in preparing compelling and engaging content for your Facebook business page.

Follow These Step By Step Instructions For Even More Information!

For even more specific information, you can upgrade to Google Universal Analytics. Just go to Google Analytics and click on the ADMIN button to make your upgrade. This will give you even more information about exactly what interests your targeted demographic. It will allow you to fine tune your content and offers to be sure to resonate with them.

In addition to information provided by Google Analytics and Universal Analytics, be sure to make good use of your own database. The information you have gathered yourself about your customers is unique and extremely valuable. You know exactly what your customers have bought, expressed interest in, and requested. Be sure to draw on this “insider information” when using Facebook to market your business.

When you have had a chance to gather data about your demographic, personalize it by taking a tip from fiction writers. On large index cards or separate text documents, create characters who represent your ideal demographic. Give each of your characters a name and personality and brainstorm about the challenges each might face that would cause them to seek out your product or service.

Think about specific ways you can engage each of your characters and build a solid business relationship. This exercise will help you see your Facebook audience as individuals rather than teeming masses! It will help you personalize your approach.

As you envision your Facebook audience as the individual personas you have created, you will better understand how to create and present valuable content. Find authoritative information that is sure to be helpful to the people you seek to engage.

Present it in a professional, yet friendly, manner. Soon you will find that real people who resemble the personae you have created will begin seeking you out and interacting with you.

As people become drawn to you and your business, avoid the temptation to start trying to sell them stuff. Instead, befriend them by providing them with interesting, valuable information that will naturally lead them to trust you and see that they need what you have to offer. You can trust that this will not only bring you their business, but it will also inspire them to share your information with others and increase your customer base.

But What About Using Facebook for B2B?

So far, we have discussed how to attract individual customers to your Facebook business page. This is surely valuable, but you may be surprised to know that it is also valuable to interact with other businesses in your niche.

By providing your customers with helpful resources you establish yourself as a nice and honest business person who truly cares about your customers’ needs and well-being. You also get great backlinks via link exchange when you cooperate with other good businesses within your niche. The end result is that everybody wins by enjoying better business and more and better product options.

Another important resource you can call on is your Facebook fans online graph. This handy tool lets you know when your followers are usually online. This can help you establish a schedule of postings that are sure to be seen and read. If you combine excellent content with excellent timing, you are sure to boost your readership.

Keep track of your progress by reviewing your Facebook page performance month by month. At the beginning of every month, look back on all the valuable information provided by Facebook insights. Identify areas you can tweak for even better performance. To get a great overall view of your performance over time, export this information to a spreadsheet. This will help you identify patterns and adjust accordingly.

Maximize Your Return On Investment (ROI) With Targeted Advertising!

Be sure to use the advertising targeting options offered by Facebook. This will help you get really compelling and interesting ads for your page and your business. Select from categories such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) via custom audiences, competitor audiences or such broad categories as general business interest.

These options will help you reach both individuals and other businesses within your niche. You can target such specific things as age group or even year of graduation, place of employment and so on. It’s really quite amazing and effective!

You Can Succeed When You Use Facebook To Market Your Business!

By making thorough use of Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and/or Universal Analytics, you can harness some powerful tools for success. Use common sense to provide your target audience with valuable information and friendly and excellent service, and you have an unbeatable winning combination!

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