Top Tips For Successful Facebook Page Marketing

facebook page marketingYou may have had a Facebook page for years and think you know it all, but the fact is things are always changing at Facebook, and if you want to enjoy successful Facebook page marketing, you have to stay on top of the latest and greatest information.

One tip you may never have considered when thinking about success with Facebook page marketing is staying familiar with FB Guidelines.

The guidelines are always changing, and this is especially true of late, so be sure to bookmark the FB Guidelines page for easy reference.

Tell all your page administrators to do the same.

Make The Most Of Admin Roles For Effective, Efficient Facebook Marketing

With Facebook, you can have five different types of administrators, and you can have as many admins as you wish. You can have a manager and a content creator, as well as a moderator, an advertiser and an insights analyst.

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Each of your administrators will have his or her own specific abilities on your page. All administrators are automatically also managers.

It’s easy to add an administrator. On your timeline, click on EDIT PAGE and then ADMIN ROLES. You’ll need to scroll down a bit and then you will see the selection “Add Another Admin”. If the person you wish to add has “liked” your page, all you need to do is click and you have a new admin.

If quite a few people in your organization are admins, you will probably want to lay down some rules and guidelines for consistency. You may wish to meet with all your admins from time to time to discuss topics such as on page etiquette, concerns or suggestions regarding previous or current posts, tactics for handling difficulties, interacting with followers and the use of Facebook marketing tools.

The Voice of Your Page

When you have a lot of people managing a page, you will need to stay focused to keep the voice of the page consistent and appropriate to your business. Be certain all your admins understand and adhere to your expectations. Between meetings, you can add new suggestions and instructions to a shareable document that your admins can use for reference in regards to questions about your social media policy.

Be certain your admins are in constant and open communication with each other and with you to avoid misunderstanding, conflicts and mistakes.

These caveats should make it easy for you to see that, even though you can have lots of admins on your page, it is probably better to limit the number to just what you need. As with anything else, too many hands can lead to lots of problems. Having just two or three competent people dealing with the page and with each other is probably the best idea.

Take Advantage Of Facebook Insights To Create The Perfect Page

One thing you and all of your admins should do is make good use of the excellent marketing tools made available by Facebook, such as Insights.  This tool helps you deliver exactly what your followers, customers and potential customers want. It will help you determine which types of posts your fans respond to the most so that you can design future posts, articles and information with their preferences in mind.

Select Your Featured Likes With Care

When you “like” another business, it can help you with networking and give you some added exposure. Be that as it may, some other businesses in your niche or a related niche may be quasi-competitors, so you won’t want their links displayed at the top of your page.

While it might seem counterproductive to display their links at all, the fact is it helps provide pertinent and valuable information to your fans and shows you as being secure and a good sport. Just be sure to review your “likes” and select the ones you want prominently displayed on your page.

You can select five to display at a time. Five others will also randomly appear when your page is refreshed.  Select them by following these  five steps:


2. Select EDIT PAGE


4. Click MORE

5. Select FEATURED

From that point, it’s self explanatory.

Facebook Page Marketing Presented in the Right Light

In addition to adding selected “likes” to your page, you can also elect to use Facebook as your Page. The advantage of this is that when you visit the pages of related businesses, you can interact and make comments as your business. People who are interested in your niche will visit your page and perhaps patronize your business based on your positive, helpful, knowledgeable interactions.

To post as your Page, here’s what you do:

Click SETTINGS in the upper right hand corner of your profile. Next you’ll see “Use Facebook as” and a drop down box of choices. Select the page you wish to post as. You will be able to do all the same things you can do when posting as yourself, and you will also get your business page updates in your regular newsfeed. This option can help you stay on top of what’s happening with your page as you form new alliances with others in your niche and attract new followers and customers, which is the essence of successful Facebook page marketing.

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