Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

facebook as a marketing toolThere are many social media platforms, but Facebook remains to be the most business-friendly.

In fact, Facebook, as a marketing tool can be the only social media site that you’ll ever need in promoting your business worldwide.

Timelines are for individuals while pages are for businesses.

Here are some ways to use Facebook as a marketing tool.

First, you need to give users enough reasons why they must be your fans.

Mostly, users are converted into fans through offering incentives like receiving a coupon or free trial in exchange of liking your page.

As such, there is a need to give users real value before becoming your fan.

Second, Facebook as a marketing tool, sometimes, is all about asking the right questions.

Make sure that your questions are entertaining and interesting.

If you do, you may increase fan engagement and thereby build long-term relationships with them. In the end, they will not only talk about your brand, but they will also become your brand advocates and create awareness among other users.

One way of doing this is asking easy-to-answer questions. One-word replies tend to be the best questions to ask in terms of level of engagement. Make the questions about the users and not necessarily your brand to pique their interest and for them to give responses.

Don’t be Afraid to Use Images and Media

Third, you need to include images along with your updates. Facebook, as a marketing tool, is definitely a picture-based platform. In this platform, there are no bad pictures, only controversial ones.

Fourth, celebrate the milestones. Milestones are important for you and which your fans may find important, too. The bottom line is whatever you have achieved or accomplished, you can share it with your fans and celebrate with them. No matter how small the milestone is, celebrate it and thank your fans in having achieved such.

Fifth, you must take advantage of the Happiness Index. You might not know this, but the index tends to be highest during Fridays. Facebook, as a marketing tool, allows you to be creative in creating a one-day campaign whereby your fans may engage in.

Sixth, you may consider running a contest. You may tie it up with the Happiness Index to create a contest that your fans will love. The possibility of winning almost always excites Facebook users, spurring your community to act like the mere sharing of the contest on their walls.

When utilizing Facebook as a marketing tool, a buzz must be created. There are various types of contests that you may consider although the most popular are photo contests. You may use 3rd party applications in running your contest.

Make sure that you read the guidelines in running the contest though so that the contest will run without any hassles from the authority. The prizes need not be expensive, but it should provide great value to the participants.

Facebook as a Marketing Tool – Sponsored Stories

Seventh, you may also try sponsored stories. Sponsored Stories are actually an advertising feature. The advertisements display activities on fixed positions. If a page is liked by one of your friends, an advertisement can be displayed to the other friends who are sharing the activity.

The advertisements are displayed on your friends’ feeds. However, they won’t be overwhelmed by other updates simply because sponsored stories are paid. Thus, if you want to use Facebook as a marketing tool, you must ensure that page activities will remain prominent.

Eighth, there is also a need to use keywords on your posts. Users also utilize the search bar in finding a specific business, brand, product and service based on their interests. Certainly, you would want your brand at the top of the results. Facebook as a marketing tool can be used in branding various niche keywords, but do it naturally and organically. Use them sporadically including the About Us section.

Ninth, you need to have clear and direct calls to action. It must be clear to the users what you want them to do. These are your end goals like gaining likes or directing users to the website or landing page. As such, it is crucial to leave the desired results to chance.

When your posts lack or have vague calls to action, you are just giving them the incentive to go somewhere else outside your page. Make them stay on your page, explore it and interact with your posts. The simplest Facebook calls to action are ‘share if you agree’ or ‘like if you agree’ or ‘type yes if you agree’.

Tenth, implementing automation is also possible with Facebook as a marketing tool. For instance, users may schedule interactions at a regular basis. With the automation tools, interactions can be enhanced by staying in front of the fans consistently.

Being visible is required in building and expanding the page. However, if you cannot do this personally, automation tools are there to help as posting strategies. Afterwards, you may check the page to answer questions from your fans.

Thereby, the basis of using Facebook as a marketing tool is activating the users. Simply collecting fans is not enough. Don’t treat them as a mere list. Instead, think of them as a community that grows the more you interact with the users. These people have some interest on your brand in one way or another otherwise they won’t like your page in the first place.

Treat them as the most enthusiastic and active customers who have already taken the first step of knowing your brand. Don’t bore them with irrelevant activities until they start losing interest. Always have something new to offer them on a consistent basis.

For instance, you may create an engagement program calendar of activities. Possibly, the activities are based on the demographics and behaviors of your fans so they will actively engage on the program.

In the end, don’t forget to measure the success of Facebook as a marketing tool. Use specific metrics like unique fans, clicks, conversations, etc. These are effective ways of understanding your fans in a more in-depth manner including what they want and need.

As for you, you may create better targeted offers to the right prospects.

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