Need more quality backlinks, fast?

Then ezArticleLink may be exactly what you are looking for.

ezArticleLink.com offers both a free and a paid membership option.

In both cases you get an effective SEO backlink building system that runs completely on autopilot.

Free members get up to 100 backlinks per syndicated article and Gold members get 300-400 quality links within 7-10 days and unlimited drip submissions after that. Let’s take a closer look…

ezArticleLink – SEO Link Building

If you are reading this post then you know, all other things being equal, the key to getting your content to rank on the front page of Google, Yahoo and Bing is to get more quality backlinks than the competition.

Content is King, but Backlinks Puts Content on the Throne


Although you probably already know this… just to be safe… let me explain backlinking and why it is so important because once you have published quality content, getting backlinks is the name of the game. Plain and simple.

When you see a link on a web site that points to a different web site, that is a backlink.

The next thing to understand is all the major search engines counts backlinks (links pointing back to YOUR SITE from another site) as a vote of content quality. The more “votes” you get, the higher you will rank on the search engines.

Bottom line: backlinks are essential to anyone who owns a web site or a blog and want to a serious flood of free, organic traffic from the search engines.

ezArticleLink.com – Automated Link Building

Depending on the product, service or opportunity you are promoting online – you may have noticed the competition is heating up.

The days of getting a few dozen or even a few hundred backlinks is no longer sufficient to cause your content to rank. Today, depending on your niche and the strength of the competition, you may need to get hundreds… even thousands…. of high quality backlink to find your way to the front page of Google. ezArticleLink is just one of the many automated programs you can use to help make this happen.

ezArticleLink offers both a free and a paid version.

The free version requires you to install an article directory on your own web site before you can syndicate articles to get backlink to your own pages. They offer a step-by-step video tutorial to walk you through this process and once set up, you can get up to 100 quality links back to any page on one of your domains. You can submit unlimited articles and get up to 100 links to back, per article, but to only one domain.

The paid version, what they call being a Gold ezArticleLink.com member, costs only $32 per month and you can begin promoting your content immediately. You do not have to install an article directory to get started.

As a premium member, you get 300-400 backlinks within a 7-10 window. Then, as their network grows, you will continue to get even more backlinks on complete automatic pilot.

ezArticleLink – How it Ranks

As a full-time internet entrepreneur, our “job” is to get our content to rank on the front page of Google.

The more content we get to rank, the more traffic we get to our sites. And more traffic ALWAYS equals more leads and sales.

To get ranked, once we publish our content, the name is the game is to get MORE backlinks than all the other web sites competing for the same front page top 10 listings on Google.

I use a combination of SEO tools to get this done… and ezArticleLink.com may be just what you need to start producing results fast.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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