Exclusive Email Video Marketing Facts and Figures

email video marketingEmail video marketing is now an important tool for any company’s marketing campaign.

Even though there is still some sort of resistance from marketing executives and marketing professionals, the significance of this particular marketing strategy cannot be denied any longer.

How Many People Use Email Video Marketing?

In the fourth quarter of 2013, statistics showed that only 25% of marketing professionals and decision makers actually made use of video marketing in their email campaigns.

That has changed significantly to date.

Note that 55% of these professionals have stated that they are more likely to implement email video marketing in their campaigns in the future.

Only 20% say they will not implement it.

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Email Client Support

One of the issues in email video marketing is the limited support provided by some of the biggest email clients today. The two biggest email clients (i.e. Gmail and Outlook) have little to no support for videos included in emails. However, with the current trend and demand, it appears that this will eventually change soon.

With the help of HTML5, more email recipients are able to view videos right in their browsers. Statistics show that 58% of users have the ability to see the videos on their mail clients. The majority of these customers use native apps in their iOS devices.

18% of total users who can view video in their emails use Apple Mail. Statistics also reveal that 22.2% of clients make use of Outlook (that excludes using Internet Explorer 8 and above in Windows Operating Systems). Don’t be dismayed if you still can’t view the video in your email, changes are coming from mail client providers that will lend support to this rising trend.

What Types of Videos Work?

Another common question that comes up in the email video marketing discussion is the type of email that marketers should send. There are hundreds of topics that can be covered in these video mails. Of course, you can bet your bottom dollar that not every single topic you may think of will work for your mail recipients.

Obviously, naming every single topic or general subject that has any particular effect on your leads is a futile exercise, marketers will generally benefit in identifying the actual category of video emails that will capture the attention of many clients.

Statistics show that there are two types or categories of emails that work best for customers no matter what kind of background they may have. The most effective ones are training videos and the second most effective ones are product demos.

If you’re interested in the top five categories then they are the following ranked from highest to lowest: training courses, product demonstration videos, promotional videos, customer testimonials, and finally branding messages and videos. You may want to categorize the mails you’ll be sending out in your next email video marketing campaign.

Business Advantages of Email Video Marketing

To further drive the urgency of email video marketing for your business, here are some of the biggest business advantages you can get from using videos in your next email marketing efforts. First off are the returns that you can out of it.

Statistics show that you can potentially get a 280% higher return from videos in your email video compared to traditional emails that use only text or a combination of images and text.

Since email videos are relatively new (for now at least), it gives you the advantage of the first mover. You immediately stand out compared to the competition. Including videos in your marketing emails can be a surprisingly delightful experience for your prospects and leads.

Another advantage of email videos is the fact that they have a higher click through rate compared to traditional links. That having been said, you should expect a spike in your web traffic after implementing this online marketing strategy.

It definitely increases the public’s awareness of your brand. And eventually you get more leads, more referrals, and an increase in conversion rates as well.

Another distinct business advantage of email video marketing is its human touch. It can touch base with your prospects and current clients too. It makes customers and leads feel like they are responding to an actual person instead of some machine that was programmed to answer their questions. Some have even compared this effect to sending an actual salesman to each client or potential lead on your list.

Adding videos in your emails also give a lot of opportunities for cross selling. The recipients of your emails and videos may like what they see but may not be interested in what you offered right then and there.

To help you cover all the bases, you can add links to related products, official video channels, and company web pages where they may find something interesting. Needless to say, the potential for cross selling in email video marketing is pretty high.

Videos (even the ones you send in your emails) have the potential for becoming viral. History has proven that even product ads have the potential for becoming very popular videos. Even if the video doesn’t reach viral status, it can still create a buzz and get quickly distributed to among different users.

One of the secrets to making your videos popular is to include a specific call to action. That can be anything from liking your company’s Facebook page, subscribing to your videos, or simply asking your viewers to share your video. It will increase your exposure to the public. This will then allow you to reach potential leads.

Videos also have that captivating aspect to it that can keep your audience interested. If you keep your videos educational and relevant to your customers you can be sure to keep them loyal to your brand.

Good examples of such videos are the ones that solve particular problems that clients and potential leads may be experiencing. The bottom line here is to have something of value to offer; you scratch their back and they proverbially will scratch yours eventually.

Take note that this only scratches the surface of email video marketing. There is a wealth of information on how to use email videos to find and capture leads.

Signing up for a lead generation boot camp will educate you about this subject as well as attraction marketing techniques that will eventually become very useful for your next marketing campaign.

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