Proven Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

effective social media marketingEverywhere you look today businesses are trying to increase their base of customers through social media sites.

And it makes sense they would do this. The magic of the social media is that a vast audience of people can be reached very quickly.

Let’s face it, millions and millions of people are now signed into Facebook and Twitter.

Google Plus is growing by leaps and bounds.

Then, when you consider sites like YouTube and Pinterest, the potential audience is staggering. How can you reach even a portion of this vast audience? Here are some tips on using effective social media marketing that should help you.

Social Media Marketing Basics

First and foremost, social media was designed so that humans can talk to other humans. Make sure your posts sound like they are from a concerned individual, not a marketing department or a huge corporation.

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People want to laugh and cry together. They want to share stories and talk about their fears and strengths. Including this human element to each social post is essential.

Communication is a two-way street that includes listening as well as talking. Make sure you reply to every person who responds to you. It’s very disappointing to make a comment only to have it ignored. Take a few minutes each day to go through all the new posts, comment on things others have said and respond to comments made to you.

Often it will take time to cultivate followers and get them comfortable with you. Many successful social marketers say it takes a good month or longer. It takes time for word to spread about your site and your business. Persistence, however, will pay off.

When you make interesting comments, post fun pictures, and reply to others, the magic of the social medium will begin to work for you.  And as your social site gains more followers, you should see a dramatic increase in customers or email subscribers. This is the magic of effective social media marketing.

Limitless Opportunities with Effective Social Media Marketing

Social sites are ever expanding with new sites opening continually. Be aware of these and take advantage of every opportunity. For instance, Facebook was the number one social site for many marketers for many years. As Facebook has grown, however, their policies have changed. Now they charge a fee for many features that were once free.

On the other hand, Google Plus is increasing in size by leaps and bounds. This social site still offers lots of free services and is a great way to reach a targeted audience.

Pinterest was unknown a couple of years ago but is now a great way to reach a large audience. On Pinterest you can display an unlimited number of photos that will be viewed by a large, mostly female, audience. It works extremely well for products such as women’s clothing and make up.

Today, more and more people use hand held devices when visiting social sites. Therefore, it’s important to keep up with technology. As an example, have you developed an app for your business?  Doing so is a great step toward achieving customer loyalty. An app that is easy to use is a constant reminder to your customers to check out your site!

A great way to reach people is through the telling of stories. Nothing will garner more responses, nor be shared more, than a good story. The story may be in the form of a video or a referral to a blog post. Or, you can just tell a brief story on your actual social site. Stories cause people to identify with others. They naturally create empathy and fellow feeling. Try telling human interest stories and see how well this works for you.

No one likes spam. You will turn people off if you fill your social site with blatant advertising about how great your company is. These types of posts fail in two areas: They don’t offer two-way communication or the important human element. It is fine to mention positive accomplishments, but it will help your efforts more to develop articles of human interest. Try both kinds and see which gets the greater response.

Effective social media marketing is a tremendous way to reach a huge audience without spending thousands of dollars on advertising. It will take persistence but if you develop good communication skills you will soon have a large online following who will turn into happy customers.

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