Can I Make Money Blogging? Depends…

can i make money bloggingIf you are like millions of other people around the world, you may have asked yourself, “Can I make money blogging?”

Finding new ways to supplement your income can be very helpful, especially when money is tight.

Starting a blog may seem like the perfect solution, since you can do it right from your own home.

However, actually earning anything from blogging can be a lot harder.

Fortunately, there are ways to make money by blogging, though you should know that competition can be tough.

If you are able to choose the right niche and produce appealing content on a regular basis, however, you can start to earn a solid income just by having a blog.

Can I Make Money Blogging? How to Start

You need to remember that just starting a blog and posting on occasion is not going to be enough. There are literally millions of blogs on the Internet, so you need to find a way to make your blog stand out from the crowd. The more eyeballs you attract to your blog, the more money you will end up making.

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This is because blogging, like many other forms of media, ultimately makes money by selling advertising. Most of the money that you earn from your blog will not be directly from your writing. Instead, it will come from advertisers who buy space on your blog. If you can get your readers to click on these ads, then you will start to earn money.

When you ask yourself, “Can I make money blogging?” you need to establish some concrete goals. For example, are you mainly interested in just earning some extra money on the side to help with bills or pad your savings, or are you hoping to support yourself as a blogger? The more that you want to earn, the more effort you need to put into promoting your blog and looking for new opportunities to make money.

One good thing is that finding advertisers for your blog is not difficult. Google, for example, runs a popular advertising program for blogs called AdSense. There are similar programs run by other companies, such as the Amazon Associates program and PayPerPost. All of these companies try to connect bloggers with advertisers who are looking for a specific demographic.

After all, if your blog is about cats, it won’t do you much good if the ads displayed on it are for tractors or weight loss pills. You might get a few clicks, but you will get a lot more if the ads are for pet supplies, cat food, and other relevant topics.

The advertisers will get more business this way and so will you. Because of this, you will earn more from a blog that is focused on a specific topic than from one that covers a wider range of subjects.

Building up an audience is an important part of making money as a blogger, so you need to find as many ways as you can to promote yourself and spread the word. You can’t just make posts and then assume that people will read them. Competition for attention is fierce and unremitting online, so you have to be proactive and make yourself as visible as possible.

Utilizing Social Media to Build a Following

One good way of doing so is by making use of a wide range of social media sites. When you post on your blog, share a link on your Facebook page. Tweet about it on Twitter. Include a link to your blog in your signature when you post on other sites. The more ways there are for people to find your blog, the better off you will be.

Sharing links with other blogs that are related to your niche is another good way to build a highly visible profile. Link to other popular blogs in your posts, and ask them to link back to you. Many bloggers will be more than happy to share links, as long as you reciprocate. If you can attract attention from a very popular blog, you can see your traffic climb quite a bit almost overnight.

When you ask yourself, “Can I make money blogging?” the answer is yes, you can. However, doing so can take some effort, so do not become discouraged if you do not experience overnight success. Stick with your plan, and before long you will start to see the money come in.

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